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Looking forward to my split keyboard, I think I did not realize how bad my posture was until after I ordered it. Its as if my subconscious told me to make the change. As I have to adjust anyway, I consider to change to an alternative key layout, but am unsure if it’s worth it…

Twitter was never forever

I really don’t want to talk about Twitter’s demise, but part of my grieving process seems to be to think about it. So, sorry. It’s not surprising but still shocking to see that most people do not have any contingency at all for losing their primary social network. If Friendster, Pownce,, …

I wished there was a way to view only the timeline. Mastodon folks are many and chatty. I have the suspicion that we could lose a little bit of the cozyness of this place.

It’s now 10½ months since I set foot into a supermarket or other store (apart from two very short pickups by bike in the summer).

A humane guide to Mastodon ⸻ Looks like a good summary.

It’s fascinating to see how much of a commodity the Internet/Web is to many people that they don’t see the wonder of exploring a new system, like Mastodon/Fediverse. I get it, but I wished people were more internet explorers.

Musk will be super miffed when he realizes that WeWork got a whole TV show while his time at Twitter will be just a short film…

It’s nice to have Mythic Quest back. Such a good show.

Whenever I follow new people it feels like adding another Pokémon to my Pokédex. It’s fun and I love having y’all here.

This video literally (well, almost) how I got my “yatil” nickname: “y a-t-il” means “Is there?” in French.

Oh, I didn’t realize you could stream the Snooker UK Championship “Judgement Days” on Youtube. I assume the recordings stay online.

Today I learned that there is a free international standard on how to construct alternative text:…

📚 The Patrios Network by Antony Johnston is on sale

I thoroughly enjoyed’s book as written here previously, and now it is on sale. THE PATRIOS NETWORK, the new Brigitte Sharp thriller, is now on sale! Bridge must infiltrate a neofascist militia to prevent a race war across Europe, while tracking the stolen plans for a …

Apparently it is “cutting down trees the whole day week” in our neighborhood. After it triggered a migraine yesterday I retreated into the other corner of the house to avoid it. I mean, you could just let those trees live and fight against climate change…

Bumper video about stroads from

I’m certain that “Web Accessibility Overlay Tools” do not work. They just can’t fix coding and design error in a way that is inclusive, let alone meet WCAG. Some of the technologies used can help to identify issues but not fix them. See more at the Overlay Fact Sheet.

Waiting for my new keyboard… I never had a fancy keyboard. 😨

I think I fell in love with the Moonlander mechanical keyboard today. I never had an ergonomic keyboard. Can someone please tell me that this is a bad idea?!

Oh wow, the new Porsche Formula E car looks stunning. Red and black livery and the triangle shape of the car make it look super dynamic. Porsche first manufacturer to reveal gen3 Formula E car

Lots of people refer to different Mastodon instances as “silos” in contrast to Twitter where there are “no silos”. The reality is the opposite because all instances talk to each other. Twitter is the mall where you get a place but it sets the rules and doesn’t let you talk to other shops in other …

Finished the working day, now hoping the best for that election that is going on… 😩

One of the best investments of this year must be the seat heating for my office chair. No room heating at all needed yet, but still a warm bum. What else do you need? 😂

I like that is so much simpler than Mastodon and your posts can breath. No follower count, stars, direct messages to think about. No “unlisted” posts, no direct messages. Just you and your text field against the web. Pure, raw, real. And only one column of content.

I have worked in a consensus-based organization (W3C) and I can tell you that it is not easy that more than two people are in consensus. OTOH, consensus can also be treated very flexibly. Every argument becomes a political gamble. It’s exhausting.

The worst performing fonts for the dyslexic group were the ones that were ‘designed’ for their benefit. Open Dyslexia, Dyslexia and Comic Sans. Which opens up questions about the hypotheses behind them. Gareth Ford Williams on LinkedIn

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