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The chances of WCAG 3 to ever happen (like this) are maybe 50%. The whole structure is overly complicated and it carries a heavy burden to keep current, something W3C/WAI and WCAG WG have always struggled with. I mean, there are still Silverlight techniques listed on some pages.

So many accessibility companies start to promote tooling over education. This makes it seem like accessibility is a tooling problem (it isn’t) and offers a seemingly quick and easy solution. And of course, tools have minimal cost compared to human trainers.

I generally like German keyboards, but having the y and x keys next to each other means that I typed “checkboy” several times today… It’s time that I get the hang of my new fancy mechanical keyboard… 😂 It will solve everything, right?

W3C Accessibility Maturity Model

I did not manage to read this yet, but there is this W3C Accessibility Maturity Model document at W3C: The W3C Accessibility Maturity Model is a guide for organizations to evaluate and improve their business processes to produce digital products that are accessible to people with disabilities. Use …

Ben Mertens giving O’Sullivan a good fight, even if O’Sullivan has not been on the top of his game today. Enjoyable watch! 🔴

Looks like fun additional Shortcuts support is coming to Things 3 says @HeyScottyJ on Twitter (Nitter link). I applied for beta access. Fingers crossed! 🤞

Turns out following a lot of people who are on Mastodon instances through my account was not the smartest of moves. Its two different things for me and so I’ll take some time to untangle a bit.

Reminder that today is the last pre-order day for There’s no excuse to not learn web accessibility in 2023!

I really wished GitHub would allow to stop notifications from all repositories of an organization. Getting notifications for work I was involved three years ago at is not useful…

It’s almost 2023, the distinction between inline and block elements hasn’t existed as such for a decade or more. Still people frequently refer to them. Update your effing education materials people, it’s not 2003 anymore!

I often think about how we asked people for a long time after WCAG 2.0 was released to not read the standard and instead pointed them to other materials. And now that more people are reading WCAG 2, it turns out that that helped to paper over issues back in the day. #ReadWCAG

If you have not been warned, you might not have Cell Broadcast enabled on your phone. On iPhone I needed to enable Test Alerts all the way on the bottom of the Notifications screen (below all your applications). On Android, I had to enable all emergency notifications. Edit: Apparently Test Alerts …

Perfect Warning Day over here. Cell Broadcast is really loud. And I got a message in German and English. I wonder if everyone got two languages or if that was only because my phone is in English. NINA warned with a message, too. Perfect!

Accessibility reviews are not there to bully people into using HTML best practices.

I’m really glad we now have all these advanced web technologies. Back in the day we only had accessibility barriers. Now at least they are in custom elements and nobody knows what’s going on. 🤷‍♂️

Mapping 4.1.1 to other Success Criteria

The 411 on 4.1.1 — Adrian Roselli There is a non-zero chance that WCAG Success Criterion 4.1.1 Parsing will go away in WCAG 2.2. This isn’t a problem for users, regardless of the problems it may pose for the WCAG process, ACT rules, automated testing tools, or ossified testing processes. Very …

I didn’t manage my stress levels for a few weeks and basically felt unwell the whole weekend. I think I generally have a good handle on things, but I need to plan my margins even better.

Such an exciting Snooker Scottish Open final. One of the two lads will win his first title today, and both have played extraordinarily. Gary Wilson favorite on paper, but he already lost two finals where Joe O’Connor has no such experience. 🔴

You gotta love how stories like this are written as if the collision was the train’s fault, not the person drunk driving bypassing a barrier. 🤷🏼‍♂️ (Only property damage.)

It‘s “International Day of People with Disabilities where companies claim they care but then post to social media without alternative text, plainly showing their ableism” day. Cheers to those who celebrate! 😉

Did I just learn about the W3C CEO leaving in an application to the Advisory Board? I would have expected some sort of announcement. Feels like a lot of movement happening during a pivotal transition to a US nonprofit…

Apple’s latest accessibility features promo video is on point. Great use of Audio Description, too! When someone says to you “we don’t want boring videos with too much space for AD”, show them this, and ask if it’s boring. (Now AD for all the other ads, too, please!)

With Blue Beanie Day, the silly season is full in swing. This morning I talked about 2 hours about EN 301 549 and in an hour, I’ll talk to my Content Strategy students about accessibility. In-between preparing talks and material for other clients. 🧢

Well, at least Space Karen is dismanteling the myth that people, who are successful in the capitalist system, must be the best and brightest and have the best ideas. Putting this on display every day might be one of the most anticapitalist actions ever. 😂

As a computer person, I’m annoyed that “the algorithm” became synonymous with something that furthers bad behavior, considering that all computer logic is an algorithm. Using a general term for something specific (“social media recommendation algorithm”) irks me.

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