@ohBananaJoe I mean considering that we calculated about 5 years to develop a vaccine in the first place in the beginning, we all should be happy that we get one probably in the next year. It’s a huge privilege to survive this with a few minor inconveniences. And the relaxations for vaccinated people would be minor: Not having a negative test before flying. Being able to get back to the office once all there are vaccinated. They still need to wear mask and social distance as we currently think that they are probabl still transmitting the virus even if they don’t get sick. We need a coverage of at least 60–80% of people vaccinated to lift the restrictions at all. You’ll be long vaccinated by then.

@maique It might have reached a thread hold where it is either physically impossible or maybe even dangerous to properly charge. I fear a replacement is in order. 😟

@maique Hm. I have heard that there is a small chance that the lint can short circuit lightning cables/sockets sometimes. If Settings → Battery → Battery Health does not show limited capacity (depending on the age of the phone it should be between 100% and 80%), you might try to switch off “Optimized Battery Charging” there — just in case that is the hick-up.

@maique Try using a toothpick (or something similarly small that is wood or plastic) and see if there is lint in the lightning port. I was about to send in my iPhone 5 a couple of years ago for the same reason and found out that it was “just” lint. 🤞

@maique I now have an NFC trigger that puts coffee on my shopping list. It’s easier than writing it down and the reduced friction means that I really get coffee.

@kulturnation I have not been outside of my home apart from groceries every 7–10 days since April. I have not seen friends or family during that time.

It is incredibly bad that many people are forced coming into offices to just look at computer screens there. We could have more freedom in our free time (especially meeting family) if we had properly locked down instead of half-baked measures.

@Munish I had Grammarly for a year, but I got annoyed that it had no proper Mac app, only a web/electron wrapper. I don’t particularly like Hemingway as it is not proactive enough for me. These days I use Ulysses which uses LanguageTool in the background and I really like it.

@patrickrhone Big Sur and Catalina are roughly the same in terms of stability (both OK) but Big Sur gets new updates. If you upgrade, Catalina’s not really with it, IMHO.

@vincent It would be easier if people would have stayed at home instead of escalating the situation when they had the choice. People here have been utterly irresponsible.

@ohBananaJoe 368? We have less than 170 here and I have not left the house since April (apart from dashes into the Grocery store). 350+ sounds extremely dangereous. I hope everyone stays healthy.

@ohBananaJoe I understand the frustration, but this is about not having hundreds of people die every day, which is the case right now. We should have done this 2 months ago, then we would have been over it already. (And if you are in a region with incidence less than 200, you can go further than 15kms and drop one child off, at least.)

@canion That is just a matter of presentation, isn’t it. You could easily filter by category in most blogging systems, or even have manual control over the order.

@Burk oh “good”, it is not just me. Safari is super crashilicious recently. I share the bear and 1Password extensions, maybe I try to deactivate those next. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@1pairofshoes A domain cost just $10 or so a year (unless you want one of the fancy ones), and it gives you a unique name you can point people to. You don’t need to have a fancy website there either. Redirect to your blogspot or this microblog in the beginning and start out with that. It’s much harder to go the other way in the future.