@pkra@mathstodon.xyz It’s true, I misunderstood.

@Marco@tech.lgbt The test alerts thing was a misunderstanding on my part.

@bastianallgeier@mastodon.social He’s a dork. There is an official form for feedback. As if anything gets fixed from a Facebook comment. Argh. That makes me angry! warntag-umfrage.de

@bastianallgeier@mastodon.social Wow, interesting. It worked flawlessly over here. Sirens were very faint, couldn’t hear them indoors and maybe those have also been the ones from the next town over. But the phone stuff was great. Maybe your cell tower is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired – if …

@yatil This wasn’t particularly well communicated.

@bastianallgeier@mastodon.social Did you enable Cell Broadcast in your phone’s notifications? You need to activate Test broadcasts on the iPhone and on my partner’s Android, I needed to enable all, live and test broadcasts, beforehand. And they worked flawlessly.

@Legopolis@mastodon.social Reference acknowledged!

@christiane@bookwor.ms Yeah, it is the worse type of “compromise”. Consensus-based decision making is just bad.

@ericwbailey@front-end.social Same.

@vincent FYI using “spastic” this way is not a good use of the term as it basically equals people who have spasms with a negative situation.

@RaulKrauthausen@mastodon.cloud Vielleicht „Prä-Hinderte“? 😂

@digiom@mastodon.social Aber wenn du deinen Arm im Duell nicht verlierst hast du natürlich eine Duellschuld und wirst deinen Arm irgendwann trotzdem verlieren. Das ist einfache Quer-Mathe. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@gdp Ah, yes! Those services really want to pressure people into paying, and often for useless “automatic fixes”. 😩

@glennf@twit.social A seven minute train transfer is an eternity. Five should get you through most train station at a leisurely pace. It helps when you note where the nearest steps are when getting in the station and when you have the new platform number memorized. It makes navigating much easier …

@gdp Huh, mind sharing the site you used? As an accessibility professional myself I want to make sure that we have an eye on the black sheep in the market. Wave and Axe are good automatic checkers. (Feel free to email if you don’t want it publicly: mail@yatil.net)

@lex It’s probably one person working through those replies. Maybe a janitor or someone…

@accessiblestef@toot.cafe Jeff’s people page is also in the past: “Dr. Jeff Jaffe was Chief Executive Officer of the World Wide Web Consortium from March 2010 till November 2022.” Very mysterious. I, too, hope Jeff is OK.

@accessiblestef@toot.cafe @karlgroves@mastodon.social You mean overlayfarts.com?

@besenwagen@ruhr.social I really like Wilco, and I think that removing 4.1.1 will be a significant change (but also a chance for WCAG get better). Lots of companies have changed from being education/service providers to tool providers and I think that shows in some discussions.

@blindscribe@writing.exchange Awesome! @instantiator@mastodon.social I don’t have the capacity for other projects at the moment, even small ones. (I’m working through lingering burnout.)

@aardrian@toot.cafe Chef’s kiss! I think I’ll try to use Scarf-T-F instead of WTF now. 😂

@Miraz Fingers crossed! I mean it did get shipped internationally, so a return shipment should be somehow possible, right?

@hdv@front-end.social WORD!

@Miraz Are the batteries over 20Wh? That sounds like a lot. The AirPod Pro batteries have 0.15Wh each, plus the case. I didn’t find a measurement about that, but I doubt it is more than 20Wh. At least might be good to check.

@matthiasott@mastodon.social 👍🏼

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