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Quick guidance for referring to (parts of) HTML elements

You always need to be very clear in what you mean. Otherwise, it is hard to read for your audience. Always include brackets with the element names. You can differentiate attributes and values by using these words. Always include the word “value” when talking about values. First mention of an …

Happy Ted Lasso Day! 📺

I started watching the third season of Happy Valley, and darn is that an intense show. Very hard to watch, but excellent acting. 📺

Publishing your accessibility resources as PDFs actively excludes people. “Accessible PDFs” are not really a thing. Tagged PDFs benefit mostly screen reader users, which is better than not having it, but it is a far cry from the accessibility and flexibility HTML web pages can give users.

Morning thought of the day: The German word for parasol is Sonnenschirm (“sun umbrella”), why does English use parasol and not sunbrella? It’s right there! 😉

What an amazing Formula E race! António Félix Da Costa had an excellent overtake at the end for the win. Completely bananas! 🏎️⚡️

Sometimes I think about how much of Africa is in the similar time zones as Europe, but how little connection we have culturally and economically, especially compared to other places in the world. It makes little sense.

What an excellent pole position qualifying lap from Sacha Fenestraz in the South Africa GP. A perfect lap. Also, I’m super stoked that this city track is superfast, it makes a difference. Sad that the Mehindras had to bow out of contention. 🏎️⚡️

Shall I move the B key to the left side of my split keyboard or should I train myself to use the left hand to type it. This transition to the Moonlander has been very slow.

Looks like Microsoft rated 2.4.11 Focus Appearance similarly low as I did in my blog post:…

So, last few days with a TouchBar MacBook Pro. Such a potential. I’ll miss it.

Shawn Murphy with two magical Snooker frames. First a 145 and then a Maximum of 147 points. Brilliant stuff! 🎱🔴

Adidas will have 1.2 billion Euros less revenue this year because of ending the Kanye West partnership. Good for them to pull the plug regardless!

Posting this again for no reason at all.…

Fun fact: I saw Tom Ford in a semi final live once before: At the 2005 Swiss Open in Zofingen. Seventeen years ago!

Watching some World Pool Championship on YouTube and as a Snooker fan, it feels incredibly boring to watch. So little variety in how racks go, and little strategy. I did enjoy playing pool pre-pandemic, but it’s not an exciting spectator sport for me.

I changed the rating of 2.5.8 Target Size (Minimum) to 12 (from 15) as I have read through more of the issues with the target offset definition. The blog post now also has a table of contents, and you can easier support me, if you want.

Jimmy White is ON FIRE today! 🎱🔴

People: “I hate all these cookie banners and stuff when I visit websites! Down with the banners!” The same people: “I want every website to be able to ask me to install it on my phone as a web app, please! We need more banners to annoy users!” sigh


Bundesfachstelle Barrierefreiheit: Die EU richtet ein neues Zentrum für Barriereheiheit ein! Das Zentrum „AccessibleEU“ soll Mitgliedstaaten dabei unterstützen, Standards zur Barrierefreiheit umzusetzen. Weitere Informationen. Or do they mean AccessiBLEU? A thinly-veiled plot by the French? Just …

Found those two images from Hamburg’s Chilehaus in my photo library today and I still love how they came out.

Super interesting statistics on activated accessibility features from APPT: 1 of 5000 people uses Voiceover, 1 in 3 adjusts the text size.

I know a lot of people like the buy-and-upgrade cycle for software, but honestly, I find it super annoying. Hookmark, which I use a little bit, is “oh, you upgraded to a new version, you have to buy an upgrade” every year. Give me a subscription so I never have to think about it.

Julien Leclerq is like 7 meters tall! I enjoy the Snooker Shootout today!

Me: I don’t want to think about new WCAG Success Criteria anymore. Also me: Maybe I can make a blog post ranking the new WCAG SCs? (To be published.)

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