Handling a winter storm

Some words of advice I just shared to my colleagues in Austin who have a winter storm they don’t have the infrastructure to deal with, including power outages.

  • Please stay safe.
  • Stay inside.
  • Turn your phones off in case you need it in an emergency and there is no power.
  • Get lots of blankets and multiple layers of clothes.
  • Especially protect extremities and wear a warm cap. Put it over your ears.
  • Put tea/coffee in thermos and drink it slowly over multiple hours, that gives you some warmth over the day.
  • If you have large glass windows or doors, put blankets over them. The air trapped between the window and the blanket is isolating.
  • If you run a gas stove, open the window (a little bit) when using it.

Oh, and don’t expect to be productive or clear thinking when it is very cold. Your body needs the energy to keep warm. That’s normal.

Working with US colleagues from Europe:

They: “Oh, I woke up and many todos are already done, how delightful.”

Me: “Oh, I woke up, and it looks like a chill day… Oh no, 17 tasks in my inbox.”

I don’t really mind it, but it is an interesting dynamic.

About to prepare a 4 hour accessibility crash course for the #cos20 students. Anyone had a great online learning experience, excercises or something like that, that you enjoyed in the past? I really want to make it engaging and always search for good new ways to do it. 😃


⨉ is the n-ary times operator (and will be announced like that by screen readers) — what I actually wanted to use was the times glyph: ×

Watch your unicodes, people! (And I would have never found it if I did not use a screen reader to test.)

Utterly failed to dooomscroll this morning. Guess I need to change my routines now.

Thanks Oba…—Biden!

Calculated how long we’re self-isolating, just out of curiousity, and we have not left the house for anything but essentials (groceries, very rare walk) for 291 days.

Me: “Please add empty alt attributes to the remaining images that are decorative.”

They: “Here, we added descriptions to all images.”

That’s… not what… sigh

Why do people keep putting <button> elements inside of <a> elements?

Such an easy to find and subsequently avoid error. 😭

Happy New Year! 🎇

Fun fact (because watching old German pop music on TV is tradition here): In 70s Western Germany, two successful singers were a Black man called Roberto Blanco (real legal name) and a white guy called Roy Black (stage name). 🤷‍♂️

Especially if you’re not used to work from home: Take time off. Like off-off. If you’re staying in the same home, close your laptop. Lock it away if that helps you.

You, your brain, your health needs periods of zero obligations.


Me: “Hey internet, how do I do X in PHP.” The internet: “Here’s how to do it in Python.” Me: “Haha, yeah. I could adapt that, but it has matrices, so I’d prefer a PHP example.” The internet: “Here’s how to do it in Python.” 🤬

I generally like the venue in Milton Keynes for #Snooker, but darn that ongoing hum is headache inducing! I’ve used Sound Source to dial it down, but it makes the commentators harder to understand…

Really looking forward to the Selby/O’Sullivan #Snooker Scottish Open final today (2pm/8pm Central European Time). 🎱

I learned something today:

  1. console.log does not work in PHP – as I had expected.
  2. console.log does not throw a PHP error.

Guess who looked through their code wanting to output something for testing purposes and it just didn’t output anything… (Hint: This guy!)

Of course, the one time I need an IE11/Win8 virtualization, it is broken beyond repair. And back to downloading and setting them up again.