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People: “I hate all these cookie banners and stuff when I visit websites! Down with the banners!” The same people: “I want every website to be able to ask me to install it on my phone as a web app, please! We need more banners to annoy users!” sigh


Bundesfachstelle Barrierefreiheit: Die EU richtet ein neues Zentrum für Barriereheiheit ein! Das Zentrum „AccessibleEU“ soll Mitgliedstaaten dabei unterstützen, Standards zur Barrierefreiheit umzusetzen. Weitere Informationen. Or do they mean AccessiBLEU? A thinly-veiled plot by the French? Just …

Found those two images from Hamburg’s Chilehaus in my photo library today and I still love how they came out.

Super interesting statistics on activated accessibility features from APPT: 1 of 5000 people uses Voiceover, 1 in 3 adjusts the text size.

I know a lot of people like the buy-and-upgrade cycle for software, but honestly, I find it super annoying. Hookmark, which I use a little bit, is “oh, you upgraded to a new version, you have to buy an upgrade” every year. Give me a subscription so I never have to think about it.

Julien Leclerq is like 7 meters tall! I enjoy the Snooker Shootout today!

Me: I don’t want to think about new WCAG Success Criteria anymore. Also me: Maybe I can make a blog post ranking the new WCAG SCs? (To be published.)

Counting the seconds until we’ll see <button role="strong"> or some such nonsense…

Why does the ARIA Practices Guide have such bad guidance? Never use menubars unless it is a menu like in a desktop application: File/Edit/View, that kind of stuff. (APG shows what can be done with ARIA, but does not care if it makes sense in practice.)

Why do some accessibility advocates insist that not having information at all is somehow better than having information with poor accessibility? Flawed information can be made accessible. Non-existent information cannot.

Silicon Valley conspiracy theories might just be capitalism

Theories abound that Silicon Valley executives got together to slash jobs. Or that a cabal of hedge funds conspired and forced them to do it. While I have literally no insight into these companies, I think the reason is “the market” of capitalism. These companies are very similar in how they operate …

So far, I have no public speaking engagements lined up for 2023, and I am quite happy with that. Face-to-face conferences are probably out of the question for me this year anyway. I’ve done enough remote presentations and I don’t really like them. The focus is on training&videos.

What is the magic incantation that I can do to prevent the VoiceOver cursor becoming out of sync with the focus when using the arrow keys in this demo here? I want to jump from button to button using arrows as my main interaction. Any pointers appreciated.

Person 1: “Let’s make something fun on the web!“ Person 2: “Here are 17 ways to overthink this and make it harder than it needs to be!”

Sigh. My self-hosted SimpleID OpenID authentificator broke (Server Error 500). Installing anew also didn’t work. What are the best ways to have your personal Domain authenticate with OpenID these days?

My blog and website uses a new font! Headings are a little more expressive (understatement!), but there is a preference to use a more conservative font choice for them, too. More customization eventually.

Are you an accessibility person? Do you have a website? Join the web ring! (Thanks for setting it up,!)

I really have to stop going to the hot take factory to “check what’s going on”. It’s not needed.

Lots of web accessibility companies promote their tools and some clients think tooling will solve their accessibility problems. shows how automated tools relate to manual tests.

Ah, with the wind changing directions and cold temperatures, everything smells of burnt wood once you open the window. So many “healthy” carzinogens in the air. In Germany, in the 2020s.

Can anyone explain to me why WCAG WG thought it would be a good idea to have 1.2.1 Audio-only and Video-only (Prerecorded) as one success criterion? It feels to me like it should be two (”audio-only” and “video-only”). 🤷‍♂️

🏎️⚡️ Formula E Qualifying starting in a few minutes. Roster looks good and the free practice showed the car off well. Qualifying is a unique knock-out format, which is a lot of fun to watch. I can only recommend it. Ways to watch.

Illustrations with flexbox

Data-informed flex-grow for illustration purposes This week, I added a bit of page count-based visualisation for fun. This is what it looks like: rectangles with colours based on book covers. Each relates to a specific book, and its size is based on that book’s page count. Hidde uses clever …

I’m so looking forward to the first Formula E race tomorrow. New car, new drivers, new teams. First free practice today (for me) just before midnight. Second practice tomorrow, plus the shootout qualifying and the race. Here’s the race preview. 🏎️⚡️

Even if a font claims to be “hyper” legible or “for dyslexic people”, actual user testing does not show advantages over other fonts. It’s not generalizable. See Gareth Ford William’s summary, and his talk “Don’t Believe The Type!”.

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