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Webbed Briefs: What Happened To Text Inputs? Heydon ( with a great video, again: This video is the story of how inputs became onputs then became something even less logical and more bad. Good luck!

Happy Doctor Who Day everyone! 59 years!

It’s a great time to get into accessibility: Sara Soueidan’s Practial Accessibility Course is 25% off in pre-order until December 10 ($299). It should be a great complement for Marcy Sutton’s Testing Accessibility Course ($95–$495).

Matches like this have made me a snooker fan. 30 minutes of pure tension without potting barely any balls.

The Everything Bagel @jean on what makes special (emphasis mine): Like the Everything Bagel, we think we know what should be included. We assume certain features are important. When I started working with Manton Reece on, I was the one peppering him with questions, such is how …

aria-readonly is basically not a thing, via

Wow, didn’t expect Mark Allen to win those four frames before the mid-session to equal the scores. Ding Junhui not playing badly but no chance. Loved that he tried to claw back that last frame from Snooker’s required. Superb stuff.

Ding Junhui plays some very good snooker in this UK Championship final, but it is clear that Mark Allen performs short of what he can do. It feels super tense, I like it!

Today is 🏳️‍⚧️ Transgender Day of Remembrance. Trans rights are human rights. Everyone deserves the health care they need. The science is unambiguous. Solidarity with the trans community.

I’m importing my new keyboard as a company so I can claim it as a business expense. Talked to DHL on Friday: “All good! No worries.” Today the parcel tracking says “Entry has been rejected by Customs Authorities”. Fun!

It’s funny how free speech people have no idea how free speech works. Especially that it is some kind of a one-way street, which is exactly not what it is. 😩

Discovery+ signup (in German) “Pick Gender – Pick your favorite gender – male, female, other, rather not say”. I don’t know if they know what they are asking there…

Oh wow, and apparently the Eurosport customer service has already honored my special cancellation right while I’m watching on a Saturday! Well, guess I’ll explore the other app later…

As I’m watching excellent snooker on Eurosport Player, I’m livid that they force me to get a Discovery+ subscription instead. And there is nothing decent on there. It’s either reality TV or junk celebrity “documentaries”. I have zero interest in both. 😩 Brave new streaming world!

Last week I changed the tyre (well, the inner tube) of my bike, this week, I’m tired. It’s almost a theme.

We have a new Doctor Who companion! Millie Gibson is the new Doctor Who companion, Ruby Sunday

I wanted to get a lot of things done today… and then I felt unwell and did nothing. Meh. 😩

This is fine…

Fun fact: The state I live in has one of the world’s largest wine barrels.…

‘Command-K Bars’ as a Modern Interface Pattern - MacStories I think Apple should consider an in-app version of Spotlight that replicates the functionality of Command-K bars and is optimized for keyboard usage on iPadOS and macOS. Modern productivity software is clearly moving in this …

Just realizing how much (and by extension my friends in the Mastodon Fediverse) is “social media” while Twitter is mostly “attention (seeking) media”.

Impressive accessible drag and drop implementation by Adobe

Taming the dragon: Accessible drag and drop – React Spectrum Blog We are excited to announce the release of drag and drop support in React Aria and React Spectrum! This includes a suite of hooks for implementing drag and drop interactions, with support for both mouse and touch, as well as full …

So, I argue for 10 years for WCAG to modernize, and once I have enough of the constant pushback and leave the discussion they start to jettison whole success criteria? Well, good riddance 4.1.1! 🤯

Excellent guide on joining Mastodon by — I immediately linked to it from my blog post which she gracously had also linked to. ➡️ An oversimplified guide to setting up Mastodon

Shaming people who leave a toxic place because the new place is not 100% non-toxic is a weird flex that happens on Twitter right now. Sure Twitter alternatives are not the most accessible, but neither was Twitter when you joined it (unless you joined in the last 12 months or so). Pretending Twitter …

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