@Miraz Fingers crossed! I mean it did get shipped internationally, so a return shipment should be somehow possible, right?

@hdv@front-end.social WORD!

@Miraz Are the batteries over 20Wh? That sounds like a lot. The AirPod Pro batteries have 0.15Wh each, plus the case. I didn’t find a measurement about that, but I doubt it is more than 20Wh. At least might be good to check.

@matthiasott 👍🏼

@CowBear 😍 I can’t stress how happy it makes me that you and your creations are here after Twitter. Always nice to see them!

@Aaron@front-end.social WTF is wrong with those people?

@Aaron@front-end.social Hope you get great applicants! Such an awesome opportunity!

@andy Yay!

@glennf 😂

@Erika @JanHegenberg Wir habe uns Sitzheitzungen von Stoov gekauft. Im home-office perfekt, gerade wenn man nicht das ganze Zimmer heiß haben will (ich vertrage das ganz schlecht mit meiner Haut.) Die haben auch Wärme-Kissen (die toll beim Fernsehen sind z.B.) und e-Wärmflaschen wobei ich die nicht …

@joesteel ✅ Scenic route (Apple Maps not relizing that in Paris, basically ever street is a scenic route.)

@s_wilcox No, that’s basically it, but I wonder if there is a need to have different alternative texts for the thumbnail and the large photo. Maybe “complete alternative text (Thumbnail)” for the thumbnail image is good because that saves screen reader users a click – while also indicating that a …

@jensgro @bastianallgeier @gerritvanaaken Ja, das ist alles deutlich komplexer weil es eben auch die Realität abbildet – ein bisschen mehr Abstraktion wär erfreulich 😀 Ich finde ja das Diagram hier sagt alles 😉 html.spec.whatwg.org/multipage...

@jamesthomson Fif-D4? 😮

@hdv@front-end.social I’m just reviewing a very complicated project and everything is in a custom element, it is hell to do a code review. 😩

@bastianallgeier Especially as sports is supposed to be a fun part of school, right? It was always weird when teachers would punish the whole class for bad behavior of others with the idea that “oh, they will sort that out as a community” wheras that was often a convenient reason to bully someone.

@lexfri Urgh :-(

@jessicahische Spaces at the beginning are just ignored by speech output as far as I can tell.

@juliemoynat Thanks for your message about the accessibility issues on my micro.blog – I’m aware and I hope to have some time to fix it soon. Note: micro.blog has (on purpose) no direct messages, but I got your DM as an email, hence this public reply.

@dmoren I bought the same screen when I saw it in Jason’s post. So much fun! Of course I’d like to display more stuff on it, so I got into JSON parsing and shenanigans. 😂

@dazego Overlays in this context are 1-line JavaScript code snippets that give users some pseudo-accessibility options and claim to shield the website from lawsuits. Which isn’t how anything works. More info:

@LFLegal Oh, lovely! I can’t even put in words how much these people annoy me.

@RaulKrauthausen Yup!

@jbigham “Our first focus is to let everyone in. Apart from disabled people!” 😩 It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic and illegal.

@digiom Unsere alte Raidgruppe hatte teens bis 60+, aber definitiv hauptsächlich in einem ähnlichen Bereich. Kein Problem mit den Geschenken, ich spiel gar nicht so hardcore 😂

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