@help @manton Looks like the alternative text of the image my post here is unavailable for people who follow my @yatil micro.blog from Mastodon, the crosspost to @yatil works without a problem and contains the alternative text. Fedi-Bug?

@besenwagen Thanks for the better issue description. Now I know what is broken! I inserted the image differently than I usually do and it looks like the alternative text is not carried over that way. Good catch, I’ll open an issue.

@besenwagen I don’t know what you mean… It looks fine on my toot.cafe instance from my micro.blog instance (Screenshot: share.cleanshot.com/S3lrzJq5c...) and the crosspost to my toot.cafe instance came also out OK: toot.cafe/@yatil/10... – Maybe you want to switch to follow @yatil, the experience …

@besenwagen It’s true!

@chrisaldrich Hi! Thanks for that collection. BTW: I see you’re using the UserWay plugin, please be aware that such overlays can (and from my experience do) create more obstacles for disabled users instead of removing them (see Overlayfactsheet.com).

@hdv@front-end.social FWIW, micro.blog has “bookshelves” built in. That’s where my book page comes from (I need to give so much accessibility feedback of those to @manton…). There is even an iOS app (Epilogue) that you can use to track your book reading and post reviews and stuff (I have no idea …

@maique I would love to beta test it, too! But then there are so many good clients that emerge. It’s a good time to be a “social media” user!

@moiety@front-end.social Interestingly enough they are not THAT behind.

@heyscottyj Oh, I got access and I was able to get a list of tasks from my inbox and add tags to them… and then remove said tags. This is magic! And fast!

@hippyjo Done. (I can’t write DMs from my micro.blog account.)

@heyscottyj Hehe, I know the feeling!

@sam Probably just this one 😀

@accessiblestef I think my biggest irk is that people equate the default styling (inline or block) with where things can go in HTML – and those are much different things and it can easily lead to wrong assumptions.

@pkra It’s true, I misunderstood.

@Marco The test alerts thing was a misunderstanding on my part.

@bastianallgeier He’s a dork. There is an official form for feedback. As if anything gets fixed from a Facebook comment. Argh. That makes me angry! warntag-umfrage.de

@bastianallgeier Wow, interesting. It worked flawlessly over here. Sirens were very faint, couldn’t hear them indoors and maybe those have also been the ones from the next town over. But the phone stuff was great. Maybe your cell tower is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired – if so, this warn …

@yatil This wasn’t particularly well communicated.

@Legopolis Reference acknowledged!

@christiane Yeah, it is the worse type of “compromise”. Consensus-based decision making is just bad.

@ericwbailey@front-end.social Same.

@vincent FYI using “spastic” this way is not a good use of the term as it basically equals people who have spasms with a negative situation.

@RaulKrauthausen Vielleicht „Prä-Hinderte“? 😂

@digiom Aber wenn du deinen Arm im Duell nicht verlierst hast du natürlich eine Duellschuld und wirst deinen Arm irgendwann trotzdem verlieren. Das ist einfache Quer-Mathe. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@gdp Ah, yes! Those services really want to pressure people into paying, and often for useless “automatic fixes”. 😩

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