Well, this explains why cross-posting through micro.blog is not working anymore 😀 Gotta trim my feed! @manton Maybe an error message in account/feeds would be useful when this happens. 😂

Found those two images from Hamburg’s Chilehaus in my photo library today and I still love how they came out.

Ah, with the wind changing directions and cold temperatures, everything smells of burnt wood once you open the window. So many “healthy” carzinogens in the air. In Germany, in the 2020s.

Accessibility people: “Consistency is of the utmost importance!” Also, accessibility people: 🤷‍♂️ (Note: I worked on the main WAI website redesign, so this is also self-critique.)

This is fine…

📚 The Patrios Network by Antony Johnston is on sale

I thoroughly enjoyed @antonyjohnston@mastodon.social’s book as written here previously, and now it is on sale. THE PATRIOS NETWORK, the new Brigitte Sharp thriller, is now on sale! Bridge must infiltrate a neofascist militia to prevent a race war across Europe, while tracking the stolen plans for a …

My bike and its inner tube (follow-up) 🚴

Today I think I repaired my front bike inner tube properly. I got a bike holder to put my bike on while working on it, and after I set it up, I thought I could take another look at the inner tube. Turns out the patch got lose again, probably during reassembly or while adding air. I also found out …

Reading The Patrios Network by Antony Johnston 📚 and drinking coffee on the balcony.

Finding people you follow on Twitter in the Fediverse

Use this handy tool by @Luca@vis.social to find users in the Fediverse that you follow on Twitter: I wrote a nano tool that tries to extract the #Fediverse accounts of your #Twitter followings: https://fedifinder.glitch.me/ It searches for the patterns @user@host.tld, user@host.tld and …

Fake tweet generator

I love how none of these “AI generated” tweets sound like anything I would tweet: If 75% of your product’s revenue comes from 25% of your customers, what do you do about that? (helping an e-commerce founder figure out their revenue model) What (if any) are your favorite B2B products? …

A Day in the Life: My initial plan was to do a bike ride and find a nice picture there, but weather and tiredness did not agree with that plan. So instead, here is a photo of the tiny pink flowers from the balcony who have recovered from the heat of the summer. Fall is great!

First result experimenting with my Inkplate 6COLOR I mentioned earlier. It displays the value of our outside air quality sensor. And as I can confirm, it even updates automatically every 5 minutes! This is cool. I’m a C++ programmer now!

Look how Mandip and Jodie are holding hands on the red carpet here: Source: Doctor Who on Twitter

Throwback Tuesday to the time at a Conference in Denver/Colorado in 2016 where you could see the moon in daylight over the Rockies. Happy to got the picture with my Canon camera.

It’s German Reunification Day, a public holiday. 🚴🏻‍♂️ I went for a bike ride and because I live near the border of two states (both in western Germany), I crossed the border six times! A fun adventure! Full video of the tour at Relive: www.relive.cc/view/vQvx…

Kinda weird day. Did some home stuff including hanging the two letterpress prints from Cameron Moll over the dining table and receiving the last IKEA shipment for a while to finish up some of the rooms after the move last year. My office is next but that’s not urgent.

🚴 Since taking up e-cycling, I have seen a lot of nice places in this area. One example is this church that I rudely visited just as they started their Sunday service. I guess cyclists and church goers are the only ones awake on Sunday mornings 😂

Super tense first frame of the evening session in the UK Championship & I was messing around building a Scriptable widget on snooker.org’s API to display live-ish scores. I love the possibilities, but it’s cumbersome to lay out stacks in the widget. I wished I could just use CSS!

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