After a few weeks off the new keyboard, I have switched back to QWERTY from Colemak. It is still an intriguing idea, but I am just not practising enough to make it happen.

I generally like German keyboards, but having the y and x keys next to each other means that I typed “checkboy” several times today… It’s time that I get the hang of my new fancy mechanical keyboard… 😂 It will solve everything, right?

I got my Moonlander Keyboard a few days ago and am not working on my Colemak DHm keyboard layout typing. I’m using KeyBR and as you can see from my public profile, I’m doing pretty well with the first six letters (r,t,l,n,e,i). Some of the “words” already feel pretty natural.

I’m importing my new keyboard as a company so I can claim it as a business expense. Talked to DHL on Friday: “All good! No worries.” Today the parcel tracking says “Entry has been rejected by Customs Authorities”. Fun!

Looking forward to my split keyboard, I think I did not realize how bad my posture was until after I ordered it. Its as if my subconscious told me to make the change. As I have to adjust anyway, I consider to change to an alternative key layout, but am unsure if it’s worth it…

Waiting for my new keyboard… I never had a fancy keyboard. 😨

I think I fell in love with the Moonlander mechanical keyboard today. I never had an ergonomic keyboard. Can someone please tell me that this is a bad idea?!

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