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That would also leave the actual sidewalks for people with mobility impairments and using wheelchairs.

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A standard sidewalk in Germany is 180cm wide, it is the rule to not get closer than 150cm to other people. So people would need to be a combined 30cm wide.

We should consider opening car lanes for foot traffic, making streets one-way to give people being outside more space.

Hot take: if public schools are shifting to online classes, then internet is a basic service and everyone should have access.

Are you a university student and need to format your papers for MLA style? Here’s how to create an appropriate document with Ulysses.

Extra: A ready-made PDF/DOCX style for you to download!

If your designers insist on building inaccessible experiences because they don’t “like” the look of the focus outline or for other purely esthetically reasons, they are not doing their job.

A designer that values pretty over functional is bad.

Seeing lots of loooong lists for tech jobs from various big companies going around, which is great as many struggle in these times.

But I rarely see accessibility positions offered. Why is that? Do companies not identify a need, unaware that their products are inaccessible?

If anyone wants to join the next UK Cabinet meeting, Boris Johnson has helpfully included the ZOOM ID ⤵️

Zoom Meetings Aren’t End-to-End Encrypted, Despite Misleading Marketing

*sigh* I would really wish for Apple to release Android/Windows/Linux versions of Facetime, it would be an instant win for everyone. E2E encrypted, accessible, universal.

What a dystopian concept.

(The gif shows a drive-through supermarket, people drive inside and have huge rotating shelves to pick food from – which inexplicably is then put on a conveyor belt and scanned by a cashier and put in bags and handed to the driver.)
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Siri, show me the best idea to destroy cities.

RT @heydonworks Anyone who can implement a high contrast setting can implement high contrast by default. My advice is always: just make sure the contrast is high; stop adding unnecessary functionality. Nobody suffers from good contrast.

This is an issue as has great reputation for their accessibility – and for good reasons. It is very good in that aspect. If other sleazy things mean that it is not used, it will prevent many disabled people from participation.
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What pains me about @zoom_us@twitter.comng such sleazeballs when it comes to both security and privacy is just how unnecessary it is. They have good fundamental …

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See, this is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. I was in Hungary just a few years ago for ATOMIC BLONDE. It's exactly the sort of place that would feature in a Brigitte Sharp book. But now its govt & society could look very different by 2021…

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Speaking of trying to write and be creative right now: I spoke to several other writers to write a piece for the Crime Writers’ Association on some of the difficulties authors suddenly face in the ‘era of coronavirus’:

I probably regret retweeting this thread…
1 Like = 1 genuine German insult

They’ll all sound funny, some might only be known regionally, and I might not know the underlying meaning for all of them.
Please use irresponsibly.

TBH I don’t see a way to get out of the Corona Recession without some kind of an Universal Basic Income (UBI). The financial aid that is promised now will help, but most of it won’t trickle down to the people that have to buy things to keep the economy going.

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Quick reminder that there's no law in the UK that protects the deceased from defamation — which is why gets away with calling 14 times exonerated a criminal in their latest hit piece .

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