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🔴 Away. 🟡 Busy. 🟢 Available. Ridiculous. Stoplights are for traffic, not for people. You shouldn't have to broadcast your status at work. Or fake it so people don't interrupt you. Escape the Presence Prison —>

I FOUND A SUPERNOVA!!!!! I FOUND A MASSIVE STAR THAT EXPLODED ~10 DAYS BEFORE I OBSERVED IT!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! from its spectrum we can measure the expansion rate of the Universe, propelled by dark energy. AAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

What is the current state of web accessibility? We talked about it with company manager Aurélien Levy ( and front-end developer Hidde de Vries (!

Daughter: can we go on a Scandinavian cruise if we get straight A’s?

Me: I’m sorry there’s Norway we can afjord it lol.

Daughter: what if I Sweden the deal : )

Wife: Finnish your homework and we can talk about it haha.

Son: w-was I adopted?

And here's The Gender Subversion Kit in German: Gender Subversion Kit (Deutsch).

(Can you translate this title?)

Okay. For every retweet this gets (TO A POINT!) I'll add a thought / tip / observation about speaking at conferences.

Casper is a very inefficient wealth transfer from venture capitalists to prestige podcast makers and I’m here for it.

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Hey all, for the Wikipedia page for more evidence outside of WordPress is needed. About the work Joe has done for (web) accessibility and the impact it had.
Do you know such online resources or do want to write them? Then please reply to this tweet // cc

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Bus rider:”Where’s your aide?”
Me:”Don’t have one.”
Bus rider:”Someone like you(a wheelchair user) should have an aide with them.”

Some disabled people have aides, and some do not.
Presumptions that disabled people must have one are ableist & discriminatory.

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Checking 3rd Party Vendors’ Product Accessibility.
From VPATs to vendor roadmaps, our has you covered!

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Stadiums are a great study of how little space people take up and how much space their cars need

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ms 6 and me at the climate justice protest in sydney today. all the effort actually by her mum. well other than the sore shoulders. very happily acquired.

RT @TravisLeithead elections are almost a wrap (ends tomorrow!) I want to hear that record numbers of W3C members turned out to vote this time around. Know a member rep or company? Ask them to vote!

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What makes great is the engaged and engaging participants - and how they share what they do, say, see, hear, and think. Handouts and related information are organized and posted by fans, not the conf. Their new policy is short-sighted and will be ignored by most.

Semi-annual reminder:
HTML is by default accessible. As developers, it's our job to not fuck that up.

Spotify’s ad tech will continue to expand, but it will only affect podcasts if you listen to them in Spotify.

Keep using independent podcast apps, and the surveillance abilities by large podcast publishers will remain extremely limited.

That’s a great list of factors for burning out. Be aware, and change your environment when you experience them.
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Last summer I was burnt out. Super toasty. I wrote up a list of contributors, intending to turn it into an essay later. I couldn’t make that essay work, so I’m sharing the list instead:

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