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When you see a company hiring a single designer to deal with the workload/scope that would support 15+ new engineer/technical roles.

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If someone hadn't linked the OP's Twitter handle further down, I'd refuse o believe this was real - it's that good.

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Remember when you were told that your memes will be safe? France just published its proposal to include in its law and "forgot" all safeguards meant to protect users. Here's what this means for the rest of the EU:

The prime minister continues his attack on whoever it is that's running the country.

Remember what @denisejacobs: imposters don't get imposters syndrome!

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Hello police? I’d like to report a murder but the victim didn’t show up

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Mystery of my day. I just copied and pasted a sentence of this page to Google Translate. And sudddenly there was a 🐙 in my pasted text?

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I successfully managed to sneak into Madrid this morning! I don’t think anyone saw me...
Anyway it’s great to be in Spain!

How to eliminate language from your writing.

The term "crazy" stigmatizes people with mental illness.

"Crazy" can be replaced by: wild, confusing, unpredictable, impulsive, reckless, fearless, out of control.


Finally got around to updating Firefox to v71. And I'm so glad tabbing now works as expected again.

It me. As the young people say.
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My totally unscientific explanation of why I quit everything I start and how everything gets too overwhelming. Bigger Version on my homepage!
(Close-ups in comments)

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Was wohl hier los wäre, würde jeden dritten Tag ein Mann von (s)einer Frau getötet.
Milliarden für Schutzhäuser.
Gesetzesänderungen. Talkshows. Wahlen, bei denen das Thema entscheidend ist.

Aber so? Stille. Kein Aufschrei. Budgetkürzungen.

Es ist so traurig, so beschämend.

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Nothing in the Page/Brin announcement says anything about a divestiture or relinquishing of the voting control. The fact remains: Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the most powerful and least accountable humans on the planet.

The amount of skepticism expressed at the idea that it's possible to start a new company on a ~40h workweek blows my mind. I've been borderline accused of lying several times when I account for our path of doing just that. This is what the ideology of workism brings.

"web components break a11y" statement by 266 retweets

Web Components & AOM blog post by 50 retweets only

I believe it should be the other way around.

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