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Imposter Syndrome is something I’ve talked about a lot here, because I know how valuable it is to hear that even the creators you look up to the most have experienced it. So let me open up more about it a bit - in case it helps. A THREAD /

“Eric, how can we get more aware of the needs of disabled people?”

Me: “How many disabled people do you have on staff?”

Me: “Start there.”

Lucy is right:
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hire a few people with disabilities and learn what we can do

Super sad that @WhenWorksApp is closing down. Is there any other similar meeting booking service that works with calendars from different sources, not only the usual ones?

“veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusions”

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📷 Here's a huge set of 200 photos, shot at the summit by the lovely Jolanta Dworczyk & We tried hard to spot all of them, but please: If you find a photo with a person wearing an orange lanyard, please let us know!

K1 hat Mini-Schnittwunde. K2 kann kein Blut sehen, fällt hin u hat eine Platzwunde. Deshalb hyperventiliert 3. Kind vor Aufregung. Mehrere RTW u. Notfallseelsorger an der Schule bei Aachen. Und vielleicht sollten Eltern ihre Kinder doch etwas besser ans wahre Leben gewöhnen.

Yup, I talk about this all the time. Since Tagalog is an agender language, my mom has gotten pronouns wrong forever. Most people are just “she” since in Tagalog it’s just one pronoun “sha.” She frequently misgenders because she’s not used to gendered language.

First podcast is out! Will be a while before it’s on Apple Podcasts, YouTube etc but you can listen below. Or if you like your feeds RSS, here you go:

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I used to lecture on Black Friday that we don't need to buy things, but thanks to Twitter I learned many people (especially disabled folks) wait for today to afford essentials they can't get at full price. And now I direct my lecture at society for putting them in that position.

What can go wrong? :-D
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$ create-react-app my-react-app
$ cd my-react-app
$ cloc .

Before you even open a text editor, your project contains 1.5 million lines of code. Most of it contributed by volunteers and enthusiasts. No formal review or release process.

This is 'normal' in modern web development.

One of my favorite books I read this year.
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Great chance to catch up on Brigitte Sharp's first adventure, before THE TEMPUS PROJECT hits shelves next year 💥

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I *know* we all want an edit button but we have to accept that the danger of paradoxes is just too great and protecting the integrity of the spacetime continuum must come first, always

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to speak about today’s Catholic School Board Meeting.

A meeting that lasted only 13 minutes and was eventually cancelled due to a disturbing exchange between myself and Laura Thibert, the Board Chair.

Happy Friday! We are extremely excited to announce that the amazing from will give the closing keynote at 🥳🥳🥳

Because how we treat animals is not dystopian enough…
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Cows wearing VR headsets might produce better milk via @engadget

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When people freak out over the Cybertruck like it’s some sort of next level innovation... we could be doing so much more as a country. People need to dream bigger.

Oh, look, I’m briefly on TV (on stage in the panel format)
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🎬 2 weeks since we met in Berlin for our 1st summit. Couldn't join us? Thanks to @s2engineers we could record all 5 presentations, and in addition beaverfilm just sent this fantastic aftermovie feat. @vasilis @sjbrodwall @anqa_ka @jkphl & many more!

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