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Google: sites use way too much JavaScript!

Also Google: let’s add a hundred new APIs.


Accessibility web sites that have accessibility toggles that are fixed in the viewport and overlap the main text of the site, what are they thinking?

What an amazing question to ask at an annual shareholder meeting! 🤙💪

This never ends. This year, so far, 15 out of 44 people to attend workshop at (which is still in Canada) have been denied visas. That's 33%. We had all this press last year, they were supposed to help us this year.

Donald does not want you to know that it's ACA Open Enrollment time. Through Dec 15th, you can now go to to .

Please spread the word to your family and friends. Retweeting this tweet would make Donald very unhappy.

Julie Hesmondhalgh, known from Happy Valley/Broadchurch/Doctor Who supports Climate Action.

A terrific actress!
📣 Please help. Spread the word:

4th Nov 29

‼️ November 29 ‼️ 🌍🌏🌎

Save the date. Take a day off.
Bring your family and friends. 💚

Video thanks to @annalise_davis

No one is making the case for better than the super rich. It’s sublime.

"We did not choose who colonised us."

Nigerian film director and actor reacts to her film, Lionheart, being disqualified from Best International Feature Film category "for having too much dialogue in English":

Warum ist „Handicap“ das falsche Wort für Behinderung?


Absolutely no one:

Google: "Everyone is unsatisfied by URLs."

The robot that takes your job should pay your taxes.

Seriously, we need to start requiring automated technologies to pay into social security and Medicare. It’s an important precedent to ensure we have a tax base 100 years from now.

🏁 We're seeing more and more workshop registrations for Nov 17th coming in, which is super awesome! 63 and counting. In the lead are,, & right now — who will make the workshop race? 😉 Jokes aside, they're all fantastic

Does anyone have a good code example for an accessible implementation. All I have found so far is reliant on placeholders which is an obvious no-go.

(Why this is the default way those forms work – I’ll never understand.)


It’s interesting to see some people making the claim that WebKit/Safari would make the web a bad experience on mobile and then seeing people on current Android devices struggle loading pages and keeping them in memory. Not to speak of older, less capable hardware.

I’ll be part of a panel discussion about social media accessibility next Sunday in Austin, TX. Hope you can make it!

FYI, Google is trying to kill web URLs

Google wants users to use Google search as the access point for all content on the web. They are doing this by:
1. Removing visible URLs in Chrome
2. Penalizing sites for not using Google AMP
3. Removing URLs from search results

Young Brits! You have ONE JOB!
Find all of your friends who aren't registered to vote yet, and get them registered NOW!!

The Tories don't want young people voting in .
Let's show them what our generation is made of!!

MANCHESTER!!! we are HERE!!! see you at albert hall, show starts 7:30 SHARP!

please read a little info about the show tonight (the set-up, bar, intermission, and merch are all a little weird):

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