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Thanks for equipping the busses with USB ports. Reliefs the battery anxiety. 😀

Alt: one of those USB ports.

lmao just went live from a bar in France after the win and people started shouting "Fuck Trump" on air😂😂

+++EIL: Alter Mann, der viel Geld mit fossiler Energie kassiert, findet Debatte über lebenswerte Zukunft des Planeten übertrieben

RT as a team, you really need to do something about the accessibility of native radio buttons and checkboxes. They're practically invisible in your Android browsers

RT Great stuff, Adrian. I’ve long been a believer in text based date input with the onus of parsing and validation rightly been on the heads of the developers, not the users.

Did y'all know that asks you to sign away all your movie and TV rights just for uploading a story to the platform?

Voice Control just *works* with standard web controls on Catalina.

description: Composing a tweet in Safari via voice control and dictation, using accessible button names to control the UI.

This was a great episode of a great podcast!
In case you missed it: The Moment 2.01 - Geronimo! featuring @2minutetimelord.

RT 2005 - HTML & CSS
2006 - HTML & CSS
2007 - HTML & CSS
2008 - HTML & CSS
2009 - HTML & CSS
2010 - HTML & CSS
2011 - HTML & CSS
2012 - HTML & CSS
2013 - HTML & CSS
2014 - HTML & CSS
2015 - HTML & CSS
2016 - HTML & CSS
2017 - HTML & CSS
2018 - HTML & CSS
2019 - HTML & CSS...


Multiplicative effects like this are one of my favorite joys of working in tech. This happens a lot in automation and Accessibility both, but probably elsewhere too. It’s so amazing to put in 100 units of effort and see it multiplied a thousand fold.

So I heard it’s 😎 Friendly reminder, don’t be offended if someone isn’t giving you your desired eye contact. People forget these are medical aids first, fashion second. We wear them to protect our eyes, some have to wear them in any light environment. 💡

Deleted Slack from my phone as it put a red (1) on the app icon besides me asking it to not notify me until I’m back at the office Monday. And then decided to disable all my mail accounts on my phone.

If you need to reach me. Don’t. 😉

Also, adding ARIA doesn’t make something accessible. And adding every ARIA attribute you can think of *really* doesn’t make something accessible.

If you don’t know how to use ARIA, don’t use it.

A month into my new job focused on and my main takeaway is that we can do better. How?

1. Semantic HTML
2. Where you can, make it lean and valid
3. Exhaust all options with HTML elements & attributes before using ARIA or JS to “fix” an issue

There’s massive browser war coming around user privacy, tracking, and targeted ads (Google, FB, adtech vs Apple, Mozilla, Brave and hopefully Microsoft).

It’s going to last a few years and it’s going to get really ugly. ⚔️

Tell me again about the pipeline problem all you white supremacist patriarchs

So, anything we can do for making this a higher priority for browsers to fix?
Reminder, it's a 🐛, but some browsers mess with table semantics in a bad way when when you change their display value.

So if you do, you should...

<table role="table">
<tr role="row">
<th role="columnheader">

etc: http:/…

Eventually CSS Grid will be so normal that it’ll be weird to think there was a time when we had to do really stupid hacky stuff for layout

So, theoretically, if I’d start working on the W3C WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials ( again, what would you like to see me write about?

Any fundamentals you need? Widgets? Let me know so I can bring it as consideration to EOWG. :-)

Please RT.

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