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1999: you can't write real software without types
2009: types are the worst. We can code faster without them!
2019: types stop all the bugs!
2029: you don't need types when ML can figure out the types for ypu
2039: developers are dead due to climate change

How did America get from impeaching a POTUS over a blow job to having a president who's a credibly accused rapist overseeing dehumanizing concentration camps while coming within minutes of starting a war and it's like, whaddya gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hi folks stop telling people they're failing & talk to them about how we can work together to make better products for everyone.

Dear tech bloggers,
Please stop using Foo, Bar, Baz, Fizz, Buzz, etc. when writing tutorials. Use names of real things with context that make it easier to understand.

I have recently realised that one of my earliest role models I identified with was Gadget from Rescue Rangers, and only now I appreciate how unusual it was for Disney to make a really cool inventor a girl.
It might also explain why my favourite colour is purple. :)

Uber is a tinder box. I spent almost 2 hrs yesterday in a big LA Uber Hub. I saw driver after driver dealing with being deactivated, some with some very very sad stories, & the customer service specialists really doing nothing for them. /1

My 5 Stages of giving a conference talk

1. This is going to be awesome! 💪
2. _while writing the talk_ Ok not awesome, but it will be good 🤷‍♀️
3. What have I done?! 😬
4. At least I have something, if its bad I'll leave quickly
5. No one hated it! 🤗 Can't wait to do this again!

Do you want to come work with my team? And make content flow out into the world?

She came to work like this. She is 37. SHE is my idol.

Exclusive: De Niro,,,,, and more are cutting through the Trump administration’s lies about the Mueller report

This is hilarious, yes, and typifies the idiocy ingrained in such campaigns. But you can bet Netflix are high-fiving right now, because "It's a TV show you watch online, therefore it must be Netflix" is their entire business strategy.

Oh, that’s great. I hope it works in Maps, too. I’d love to have my OS in English and Maps in German.
finds that in iOS13 you can change the language on an app by app basis. Much nicer to test this way. Allows for OS in one language and useful or commonly used apps (or apps shared between family/friends) to use a different language.

Me: “Translating text on graphics. SVG should be the way to do it.”

SVG: “Well, you either have to embed the fonts in the SVG, with huge file sizes or use Inline SVG which means no caching. LOL.”

Me: *sigh*

: Report debunks the “avocado on toast” myth. The young aren’t spending recklessly at all. They’re tightening their belts while the ones indulging themselves are, what a surprise, boomers and the elderly.

Earning a "six-figure salary" isn't the same now as it was 20 years ago. Adjusting for inflation, a US$100,000/year salary in 2019 is equivalent to a US$65,000/year salary in 1999.

Our brains aren't really wired for inflation.

About to create a Keyboard Maestro shortcut that replaces “Screen reader users” with alternatives, so that my writing is not too boring:

- users of screen reading software
- people using screen readers
- users, when using screen readers,

OK, now we got <datalist> sorted so far, let’s put the following on our todo list:

<datalist multiple> for multi-selects
<datalist strict> to only allow values in the datalist element

Thanks. I expect that in the next versions of browsers. ;-)

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