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Tested and approved! Good job !!! Love the idea of having quick, warm & vegan emergency food at every airport and train station

Die grüne Kurve ist die Greta-Kurve. Sie steht für ökologisches Siehmalachneguckmalda-Bewusstsein in Deutschland in den letzten drei Jahren. Bis diesen Winter wurde nur über Flüchtlinge geredet. Bei 4°C Global Warming kommen davon übrigens schnell noch zehn mal mehr ...

2016: Sunlit uplands, only upsides, easiest deal in history

2019: Technically not as bad as a war that killed 1% of the British population

The top 5 most important issues for the :

1. Climate and ecological breakdown

2. Climate and ecological breakdown

3. Climate and ecological breakdown

4. Climate and ecological breakdown

5. Climate and ecological breakdown

6. Climate and ecological breakdown

It's fascinating to see people argue that women won't really be punished if abortion is illegal. Here are some things that have *already* happened to women despite Roe:

Es ist Tag gegen den und deshalb weise ich wieder auf mein Video "Lächeln Sprechen Arme Hoch" hin. Damit lassen sich die Symptome für immer einprägen und rechtzeitig erkennen:

Retweet = <3

We tested the of campaign materials for the in Germany.

The abysmal results:
❗️No party offers fully accessible information
❗️Only one party provides an accessible PDF manifesto
❗️No party provides alt-text
❗️CDU ranks 36 out of 40

Dear conf organizers, when you send out a CFP email, it is super helpful to the recipient, that you include *ALL* of this information:



Brand new trains made in Britain where the wheelchair spaces have no windows. In 2019. Who signed this off? Do we even have to pay for the ticket?

Aus aktuellem Anlass: Macht euch mit Schlaganfall-Symptomen vertraut, z.B. In dem ihr euch dieses Video von anguckt:

/me „Let’s use clear easy to see icons for this.“

User feedback: “Those icons are too distracting.“

*sigh* :-)

Here are my thoughts on yesterday's privacy announcement from the Chrome team ( [Thread]

Animated transitions are not a selling point. They weren’t in FrontPage / IE, they no longer are in Keynote.

I bought it :-)

Ethics and accessibility go well together.
You’ve got just under 24 hours left to get Future Ethics at a serious discount.

We are hiring a PHP web developer. Read our job posting at

A double-edged sword. I agree that Google indexing with the latest Chrome is great for devs. But it also creates the excuse for laziness. Having to consider backwards compat and disabled JS for the sake of SEO was a big carrot to dangle in front of dev/business. That's going away

98 Prozent der Deutschen finden, es sei die Verantwortung der Menschheit, die Natur zu schützen.

Also außer durch ein Tempolimit, den Verzicht auf Kreuzfahrten, Flüge oder Geländewagen in der Stadt und natürlich definitiv nicht durch weniger Fleisch.

Sonst aber gerne.

Bokeh - a private, independent, and user-funded photo sharing app that considers people and privacy over advertising. I like the family plan too, great way to collaborate with people you love and more likely to share photos with.

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