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On the road to Erlangen for the Webkongress where I’ll speak first thing Thursday morning. Guess it is time to finalize my talk now :-)

And that’s why I don’t put in my passwords myself. I am too lazy to check the URL every time, my password manager isn’t. (FWIW, I use, but there are many around.)
Quick phishing demo. Would you fall for something like this?

The same people who can’t figure out how the basic cascade works are the same people who think CSS is easy are the same people who think CSS is broken are the same people who think CSS should be in JS...

This Twitter poll ( that most folks got wrong was intended as a fun challenge but as usual, some of the responses are unhelpful.

We want the web to be open and inclusive, but then we chastise people for misunderstanding a CSS fundamental. This, while there’s a constant obsession with tools. How can someone be expected to learn CSS when they’re chasing the latest hotness? It stinks, frankly and I’ll try and make something helpful to counter it.

Heute ist die letzte Chance Tickets zum Webkongess zu Erlangen.

*badum tsss*
Heute ist die letzte Chance auf Tickets zum Webkongress Erlangen.
Wer kommende Woche dabei sein, muss jetzt handeln:

No. Do not remove controls from tabbing sequence. WCAG fail. Fix the screen, not the symptom. Terrible advice,

RT On a side note: Our next goal is to find a sponsor for live the talks (which means captions for the video recordings as well). Would you want to support this? Do you know someone who would? Please get in touch asap! Retweet = ❤️

Kurz notiert: Merkel hat die Grenzen nicht geöffnet, Seehofer ist ein Rechtspopulist, Rechtsextremismus hat mit Migration nichts zu tun, die AfD ist rechtsextrem, Nazis raus, danke.

It’s not even 9am and this day already gotten sideways. Yay.

Since some people are talking about the “death of the URL” … again … it felt like the right time to re-post something I wrote 2 years ag on the topic including a link to research that seems to indicate people DO know what URLs are.

I’ve been thinking about how `font-display` is a great first step to better font loading—but we can take it further! Each web font file can cause its own reflow—let’s reduce the amount of movement during page load.

The Problem with font-display and Reflow

And while you are at it, switch your default search engine to

Google is using its massive vertical web presence to try to force us all into AMP.
Again, do not use AMP.


> The most famous alternative to Windows is Apple’s Mac line of computers. Apple have traditionally been good at privacy, but that seems to be changing now that they are entering the advertising business (which nowadays depends on extracting user data).

Any source for that claim? They had iAds years ago, which protected users data. Apart from that I only recall ads in the App Store where no private information is shared with advertisers. I’m curious…

Overview of aria-describedby:
IME, the localization benefits of it and aria-labelledby cannot be understated.

I added two new feeds to my RSS list today ... both times I had to search through the page source because there was no visible link.

Please show your site has an RSS feed.


Google wants to kill the URL:

> But it’s important we do something, because everyone is unsatisfied by URLs. They kind of suck.

Wat. Who's everyone? I don't think they do. I think they're pretty great in fact.

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