After a long but successful week, with beautiful weather, my gap Saturday has rainy snowy weather at -3 degrees Celsius. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

RT on why Design Systems don’t stifle creativity

FYI — Robert Mueller did not work for Obama for 8 years. He ran the FBI under George W Bush for nearly 8 years. He remained FBI Director under Obama for 4 years, confirmed to extend his 10-year term by a Senate vote of 100-0.

A donation to Knowbility shows your support for tech inclusion. Here’s what Board Chair-Elect James Green has to say about our mission. Please support our programs and give today.

@knowbility‘s @jolly talking about Accessibility & Usability testing with people with disabilities at Accessing Higher Ground

W3C Jobs:
W3C is seeking an Assistant Director of Finance to assume primary responsibility for the W3C budget and its financial planning and performance, and overall fiscal management. BA in finance required, MBA preferred.
If interested, see more at:

Exakt was schreibt. Subventionen macht man, wenn man etwas fördern will, wenn man etwas verhindern will, macht man eine Anti-Subvention. Die UMTS-Versteigerung war die größte Anti-Subvention aller Zeiten. Ein historischer Fehler.

Zw 2014 u 2016 gab es nur 27 Fälle von E-Card Missbrauch. Schon bisher war der Erstkontakt in der Arztpraxis nur mit Lichtbildausweis und E-Card möglich.
D.h, Schwarz-Blau verschwendet
15 Mio.€ für Symbolpolitik,welche sie auch noch rassistisch bewerben.

Angela Merkel: "Nationalism and egotism should no longer have a place in Europe. Tolerance and solidarity represent our common future, and they are well worth fighting for".


Don’t forget: has the most up to date and granular browser compatibility charts ever! <3 keep up the great work!

In 1963 when the show was created to teach history to children

Teaching the Accessibility Master Class today at :-)

Keyboard-related issues count for approx 40% of website accessibility issues, as per Also, good post from @knowbility on getting started with keyboard testing:

Well, he gave a famous speech about the end of racism (Ark in Space, 1975), started a workers’ revolution by quoting Marx (The Sun Makers, 1977), overthrew galactic slave trade (Warriors’ Gate, 1981), and never met the Daleks or Cybermen in the 80s, but otherwise this is bang on.

Could I’ve done it with some clever API calls and curl scripts purely on the Mac (or any Pc, really)? Sure. But I didn’t need to and it was something that saved me time and improved my work. Realistically the phone paid for itself with the time savings for this alone.

Of course YMMV, but for me, I couldn’t be happier.

Really happy with my Mac/iOS setup in the last few weeks. Latest example for what I occasionally do: To test out translations, I needed a quick way to machine translate short phrases in 11 different languages and put the translations into yaml file.

I built an iOS shortcut that translates (using Microsoft Translation) and formats it from the clipboard. Thanks to Universal Clipboard, I just copy the phrase on the Mac, tap the shortcut, wait for it to complete and then paste it on the Mac.

Hey lazyweb, any good stickermule alternatives? Ideally UK/EU based.

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