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I've written up this May’s W3C Advisory Board election—its context, why it’s particularly critical this year, what the ballots mean, and who the candidates are and why to vote for them—in this post:
Please pass it around and make sure your AC rep votes!

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Let it be known that I wasn't "not OK". I was... Taken aback. :D twitter.com/yatil/status/11302

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Thank you all I met at and @knowbility@twitter.com team. Just touched down at Tokyo airport. AUS - LAX 3h, Transit 3h, LAX - NRT 10.5h. It was really worth for the long flight. “Good design is accessible design”.

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There’s literally only one accessibility metric that matters: whether the system attracts, retains, and re-wins the business of users with disabilities. Anything else is a smoke screen.

That time @vavroom@twitter.com was not OK with the number of slides in my presentation…


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My @lyft driver couldn’t help stowing my wheelchair in the trunk of his car. Because his wheelchair was already in there! 🤪

That feeling of happy exhaustion after a week of conferences and meetings 😀

Thanks to everybody attending, helping, organizing @knowbility@twitter.com’s

It was a blast!

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Any podcasters or podcast listeners out there, I'd really appreciate your help: podcast-accessibility.com/how- Take a few minutes and do mini assessment of podcast hosting platform.

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Never knew this! Sign language is totally different in every country. @marievandries@twitter.com explains designing for deaf people at @frontendunited@twitter.com.

Its an issue that older people decide the future for younger generations by sheer volume. Democracy gives one vote for every person but when we started the age pyramid had most people in younger age groups. I’m unsure if this is even addressable. Young people, vote!
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A new party for the ageing population... Tories utterly squeezed out.

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If you want to get rid of @Nigel_Farage then you have to go out and vote. If you cant be arsed to do that then shut the fuck up.
See the whole clip here: youtube.com/watch?v=kY_2y1a0nb
To see my new LIVE show go to JonathanPie.com

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I had a splendid time at this week's @a11yclub@twitter.com Düsseldorf - here's why, and some inspirations I took away from it sebastiangreger.net/2019/05/a1

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We can't have container queries because of “browser internals” but it's now trivial for a developer to implement them in JavaScript? 🤔

Hmmmmmmmmmm ok 😐 twitter.com/adamwathan/status/

Walks and showers are great catalysts for coming up with solutions.
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I think I've solved more problems on long walks than in front of a computer.

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I think I've solved more problems on long walks than in front of a computer.

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Carousels are pretty much an antipattern, and various presenters explain why they're an nightmare among other things.

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I’m a man who can get pregnant. I’m not an anomaly. Even if trans ppl only make up 1% of the population there are 7 billion ppl on this planet. There are over a million of us out here. These anti-abortion laws effect men like me & non-binary folks as well. Don’t forget about us.

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The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is how JavaScript got 100x more complex from 2009 to 2019 and yet web apps look exactly the same, except that they’re often slower now.

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While reflecting on the importance of I would encourage you to consider how incredibly important media is to our respective cultures, and then the criticality of ensuring it is accessible to all.

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