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We've officially sold out of our promo seats for next month's webinar, but you can still register for our all-new training about iOS & Android native app ! Invite @pauljadam@twitter.com to your desktop or meeting room on Dec 11th, 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM (CT) bit.ly/371zw9e

The photo of outraged David Tennant will now be my standard when I find accessibility errors on websites.
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Last night I had the pleasure of making another show with the BBC Symphony Orchestra this time with the extraordinary @neilhimself, @amandapalmer & special guest (I’m allowed to mention him, now) David Tennant. Full show is on R3 on 23 Dec, with an edit for R4 on Xmas Morning.

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whoever made this deserves a medal of honor

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Good morning! Today is - a call to action to improve customer experience for disabled people, so I made this to show you my regular shopping experience...

Uncropped video with full vertical shot on insta stories! instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0Oj

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Gonna make a poster of this for my office.

I just impulse purchased conference tickets. I always wanted to go to @dconstruct@twitter.com and never made it.
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On this very day in 2005, was born. Fifteen years on, for @dconstruct@twitter.comly, we are beyond excited to announce that dConstruct returns to our beloved home-town of Brighton. 2020.dconstruct.org t.co/2phChtIlZh

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Every winter, fresh snow reveals how much we’ve over-designed our streets & roads, & how much space we could reclaim for people & public life. We call them . GIF via @fietsprofessor@twitter.com

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1/ For anniversary of Kristallnacht I'm posting images from a very special project of the Technical Univ, Darmstadt: virtual reconstructions of synagogues that were destroyed in 1938. We've all seen the photos of burning synagogues; few have seen these gorgeous images. 1: Köln.

We have to make it much easier to do things in an accessible manner. So much of accessibility is work arounds.

Developers don’t like to use work arounds in normal production. Let’s give them the right tools.

(I understand that there’s work to provide a solution for this issue.)
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Why is there no native HTML element or attribute that visually hides content but makes it still accessible to assistive …

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Why is there no native HTML element or attribute that visually hides content but makes it still accessible to assistive technologies? Ol' trusty `.visually-hidden` is fine but it's bizarre that this essential functionality is hacked into the platform gist.github.com/rawrmonstar/d7

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Hedy Lamarr, born 105 years ago today, was once celebrated as "the most beautiful woman in the world." She was also the brilliant inventor to whom we owe the foundational technology of wifi, which she developed to remote-control torpedoes brainpickings.org/2011/12/08/h

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the room next door - Boris Johnson and the Kipper

now with subtitles by @vodathan@twitter.com

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.@realDonaldTrump@twitter.com didn’t receive our gift. The Secret Service was quite clear about that. What‘s next? Or better: Who’s next? Stay tuned...!

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has arrived in Washington and our team is busy talking to the press. If you‘re interested in our story please join our press conference:
Saturday, November 9
8:00 AM EST
On the North East corner of 16th St. NW and H St. NW (Lafayette Square)
Washington, DC

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gibt zusammen mit seinem Kollegen Holger Dieterich am kommenden Wochenende einen Workshop: Disability Mainstreaming — How to think beyond technical accessibility at Accessibility Club Summit 2019. Jetzt anmelden! colloq.io/events/accessibility @a11yclub@twitter.com

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it costs less to design inclusively. Designs that ignore the edge become brittle & can't adapt to change. You need to keep bolting on things you didn't consider. If you plan with the edge your design will adapt & last.

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Five years since the first Talalay double whammy - bloody love @rtalalay@twitter.com

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