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A perfect example of why we should avoid using tabindex values greater than 0. Focus jumps from the main nav over the 1st footer nav to the 2nd footer nav until it reaches the header and finally main content.
(That's from a real site, I've just replaced all images, text & colors)

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@thebillygregory@twitter.com saw this in a building and @LeonieWatson@twitter.com thought you might like it. This is to control the elevator.

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Wenn der Radweg mal wieder versperrt ist...

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HTTP vs HTTPS on public WiFi. HTTPS is important, even for static sites.

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Hack *ON* MDN. Get it?

Featuring @goodwitch@twitter.com, @estellevw@twitter.com, @jmswisher@twitter.com. Photo by @danrubin@twitter.com using my phone.

Clear sky approach to London Heathrow yesterday night. It’s quite amazing how the city sprawls when there are no clouds. Saw the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Building that Apple is renovating, London Eye. It was mesmerizing. And the photo does it no justice because the cabin was brightly lit and the window glare made it impossible to make a decent photo. Sigh.

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New WCAG 2.1 leichter erklärt von @yatil@twitter.com 🤝🤩

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Enlightening roundup on by @yatil@twitter.com! ⚡He kind of eliminated my concerns about practical implementation. 😇💪

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Sehr sympathischer Vortrag von @yatil@twitter.com. Heute noch am @wke@twitter.com, kommende Woche schon am @atag@twitter.com!

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Access the next - beim A-TAG'18 am 20.09.18 in Wien. DIE Pflichtveranstaltung für alle, die sich für im Web & Development-Bereich interessieren. Vorträge & Talks erwarten euch u.a. von @joville & @mmatuzo 👍 atag.accessiblemedia.at/

Nothing to see here. Just a display inside a metal tube that shoots through Germany with 250 km/h (155 mph).

So glad that we have the possibility of frictionless train travel here. What a privilege. micro.yatil.net/media/8SlUbOLL

And that’s why I don’t put in my passwords myself. I am too lazy to check the URL every time, my password manager isn’t. (FWIW, I use @1Password@twitter.com, but there are many around.)
Quick phishing demo. Would you fall for something like this?

I theoretically really like what Tripit is doing, but I dislike what it isn’t doing. “Here’s your travel and accommodation detail. What else do you do on this trip?“ – “I’m at a conference!” – “You mean meeting?” – “Sure… And I’ll speak at 9am the second day.” – “You mean meeting?”

How hard can it be to add a few more categories and make this more manageable?

I just published a workflow share extension for tooting web pages. Add to your workflow app, then use in the share menu of Safari. (Share ▶️ Workflow ▶️ Mastoshare)

workflow.is/workflows/e0a4d10e micro.yatil.net/media/LgheBEuK

Started to create a short todo list for today, aim is to re-launch my personal website. Wish me luck!

/me Hey Humble Bundle, let me give you money for that Doctor Who stuff you're selling!

Humble bundle: We have your username an password, but in additon, please also solve this nonsensical ReCAPTCHA.

I needed four tries to sign in successfully. I have bought there before. I have a verified email address and a secure password. I would confirm my purchase with a valid credit card or paypal account. There is no need for a CAPTCHA. There is never a need for a CAPTCHA.

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