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This “user named w3c” is “obviously wrong”.

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Looking forward to my workshop today at the deep dive day using this as the framework.

People of Hamburg.

@amandapalmer@twitter.com will be in your city on Tuesday. You might get a Total Request Live, too. Or not. Who knows?

But it will be great. Emotional. Funny. Dark. Light.

It is a must see show and there are tickets available.

Support independent artists!
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greetings from backs@amandapalmer@twitter.comTAL REQUEST LIVE AT THE AFP SHOW TONIGHT IN ESSEN. fuck it. i just went out into…

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greetings from backstage: it’s TOTAL REQUEST LIVE AT THE AFP SHOW TONIGHT IN ESSEN. fuck it. i just went out into the lobby and collected 12 requests. i am going to play them all. i needed a night like this. hope you enjoy it, leute.

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Fascinating talk by Dr Lori Di-Bon-Conyers from @RNIB@twitter.com for @A11y_Leeds@twitter.com.

Those are really impressive…
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Shot on iPhone 11 Pro w/ Night mode... 👀
My full iPhone camera review from China is up! austinmann.com/trek/iphone-11-

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WAI at W3C on Twitter: "New resource: "Making Audio and Video Media Accessible" buff.ly/2IaxgSd covers captions/subtitles, description, media players, project management, user experiences, business benefits, and more. " / Twitter buff.ly/2I5OkbJ

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When someone asks me to describe twitter.

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Is there one thing that every web user can do to fight ?

Yes - replace the Google Chrome browser notochrome.org/

Find a new browser notochrome.org/find-a-new-brow
Uninstall Chrome notochrome.org/uninstall-chrom
Tell everyone notochrome.org/tell-everyone/

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This @planetlabs@twitter.com image of the plant in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia (1) is a great example of the power of temporal resolution. @CopernicusEU@twitter.com's Sentinel-2 passed over (2) the very next day—which is incredibly prompt by recent standards—and it's a completely different scene.

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Popstar @samsmith@twitter.com wünscht sich, nicht mehr mit "er" angesprochen zu werden, sondern geschlechterneutral. Und @BILD@twitter.com möchte diesem "Wunsch natürlich folgen". Doch wenn "Bild" ein Versprechen gibt, kann man sich nicht mal einen Absatz lang darauf verlassen: bildblog.de/114457/was-kuemmer

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Hi everyone! My name is Adam Pottle. I’m a writer, and I need your help. I wrote a children’s book, and I need an artist — a Deaf artist. Right now I have a small list of artists, but I need more names. Contact me on my website: adampottle.com. Show me what you got!

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Another fabulous new animation in iOS 13, during QR code scanning:

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I have read this, and read this, and read this. I’m not sure that I ever need to read anything else.

It’s a very fast bridge! ;-)
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When you're taking photos from a high speed train, the camera's vertical scan speed matters.

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WP (at least for the site I'm lookin' at) now includes a link to w3.org/WAI/tutorials/images/de under the ALT text field, which provides some image categorization and a decision tree. Kinda cool!

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