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@jina@twitter.com on why Design Systems don’t stifle creativity

@knowbility‘s @jolly talking about Accessibility & Usability testing with people with disabilities at Accessing Higher Ground

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Zw 2014 u 2016 gab es nur 27 Fälle von E-Card Missbrauch. Schon bisher war der Erstkontakt in der Arztpraxis nur mit Lichtbildausweis und E-Card möglich.
D.h, Schwarz-Blau verschwendet
15 Mio.€ für Symbolpolitik,welche sie auch noch rassistisch bewerben. parlament.gv.at/PAKT/VHG/XXV/A

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Angela Merkel: "Nationalism and egotism should no longer have a place in Europe. Tolerance and solidarity represent our common future, and they are well worth fighting for".


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Don’t forget: @MozDevNet@twitter.com has the most up to date and granular browser compatibility charts ever! <3 @floscholz@twitter.com keep up the great work!

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Well, he gave a famous speech about the end of racism (Ark in Space, 1975), started a workers’ revolution by quoting Marx (The Sun Makers, 1977), overthrew galactic slave trade (Warriors’ Gate, 1981), and never met the Daleks or Cybermen in the 80s, but otherwise this is bang on.

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This commercial was banned from TV for being too political. I think everyone should see it x

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What’s missing from this picture?
Nothing, as it turns out.

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if you've never seen Jordan Peterson have his entire worldview dismantled in under a minute, now is probably the time

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Live Subs and BSL interpretation!

I'm in heaven! Wish all conferences were this amazing! @a11yscotland@twitter.com

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Curt Holst “Accessibility is about people, it’s not about legal requirements”.

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“The long tail isn’t the same people every time [...] at some point, we’re all in that” – flights, trains, rural areas, network congestion, battery saving and hundreds of other situations affect everyone, even on the fastest devices

@tkadlec at

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Difference in data collected iPhone vs Android

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Posted this before. I was reminded of it this morning and had to post it again. Behaviors To Stop Doing 1) Hiding info from Customers 2) Fear of putting incremental products in front of Customers to get feedback 3) Making decisions for the customer instead of w/ the customer

Someone is sooo tired of winning… :-D
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LOL someone's pretty cranky after having such a successful night! (STOP EVERYTHING AND WATCH THIS)

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Voting machine automatically selects Republican candidate instead of Democrat in Indiana |

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If you're in line when the polls close, STAY IN LINE and DON'T LEAVE UNTIL YOU VOTE.

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Wrapping up a two-day retreat with our amazing board members at Knowbility HQ in Austin, TX. We are so grateful for your time, commitment, and efforts!

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