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Trailer for the Netflix documentary about Cambridge Analytica: ‘The Great Hack’. Out 24th July!

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These are *disposable* single-use phone chargers and may be the most grotesque product I’ve ever seen on sale.

Why on Earth is @coopuk@twitter.com selling them?!

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Apple pushes silent macOS update to remove web server secretly installed by Zoom 9to5mac.com/2019/07/10/zoom-ap by @ChanceHMiller@twitter.com

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Anderson: "There's a good chance the president is watching this interview or will watch this interview. What is your message to the president?"

@mPinoe@twitter.com paused, thought about it, then looked straight into the camera and said this.

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Apple’s revised the MacBook Air and dropped its price to $1099. The entry-level MacBook Pro makes sense now.

And the 12-inch MacBook seems to be gone.

I think the Mac notebook line makes more sense now than it has at any point in the last three years.


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This Zoom vulnerability is bananas. I tried one of the proof of concept links and got connected to three other randos also freaking out about it in real time. medium.com/@jonathan.leitschuh

Wir müssen jetzt anfangen Straßen in Innenstädten still zu legen und das Geld direkt auf ÖPNV und Fernverkehr umzulegen.
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CDU/CSU und SPD wollen im Bundeshaushalt 2020 die Mittel für den Aus- und Neubau der Infrastruktur für die kürzen. Zugleich sollen die Haushaltsmittel für die weiter steigen. So wird das nichts mit und !

Thanks @ruhrbahn@twitter.com for equipping the busses with USB ports. Reliefs the battery anxiety. 😀

Alt: one of those USB ports.

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lmao @FoxNews@twitter.com just went live from a bar in France after the win and people started shouting "Fuck Trump" on air😂😂

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+++EIL: Alter Mann, der viel Geld mit fossiler Energie kassiert, findet Debatte über lebenswerte Zukunft des Planeten übertrieben

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@andreasbovens@twitter.com @geckoview@twitter.com @firefox@twitter.com as a team, you really need to do something about the accessibility of native radio buttons and checkboxes. They're practically invisible in your Android browsers

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Did y'all know that @Medium@twitter.com asks you to sign away all your movie and TV rights just for uploading a story to the platform?

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Voice Control just *works* with standard web controls on Catalina.

description: Composing a tweet in Safari via voice control and dictation, using accessible button names to control the UI.

This was a great episode of a great podcast!
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In case you missed it: The Moment 2.01 - Geronimo! featuring @2minutetimelord. themomentpod.com/2-01-geronimo

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So I heard it’s 😎 Friendly reminder, don’t be offended if someone isn’t giving you your desired eye contact. People forget these are medical aids first, fashion second. We wear them to protect our eyes, some have to wear them in any light environment. 💡

Russell T Davies is a genius.
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“It’s our fault. This is the world we built. Congratulations, cheers all.”

Oh! mytaxi ist jetzt kostenlos! Oder wie soll ich FREE NOW sonst verstehen?

Und phänomenales Farbschema. Wenn mich eines an Taxen erinnert, dann hell rot.

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Wir schauen das jetzt seit 10 Minuten - und es wird nicht langweilig.

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