Turns out the web got even less accessible over the last year. We’re failing the promise of the web. We’re failing users and consumers. Instead of making the web a place of opportunity it has become a place of exclusion. 98.1% of all pages are not accessible. UP 0.3%.
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Results of a significant update to the WebAIM Million analysis of the home pages for the top 1 million sites are available at https://…

@yatil This being said, I'm so proud of the unrelenting effort that moved orange.fr up the ladder.

(even if I know it's automated, it only shows a partial result, it's very fluctuating from one day to another, etc.)

(Felt like you needed a little happiness boost) #hugs

@accessiblestef Totally, and you should be proud. There are so many people and orgs doing the right thing, but we need to significantly move the needle across the board.

@yatil Yup. Long, long discussion to have around a coffee, like the veterans we are. ;)

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