Design is critical in accessibility. A bad visual design can, and will be, an accessibility issue.

Design is how it works.
When discussing web & social media accesibility, please remember that not every blind person uses screen-reading software. The way your content looks is just as important as the way your content sounds.


Again : Apply for one of Europes most important grant (!) AS A BLIND !

I wrote to the webmaster, raised an issue and talked to the director (now at 36c3) - what would you say regarding #a11y ???

@sl007 The form seems to have no labels, which makes it completely inaccessible. Easy to fix.

@yatil But, look
I KNOW this. What can WE do to change it ?
I hope that Blind people want money for software too but how without labels and 36c3 proved it.
It is a really important grant …
I just applied, not responsible …

it's sebastian from IWC Dus and AP conf here …

[long read reflection of 36c3 ]

@sl007 Yeah, I understood that you’re not responsible for it. Apart from telling them, there’s probably nothing we can do. It’s tough. :-(

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