Wondering about the robustness of using emojis as alt text, any inputs @tink @aardrian et al?

eg. `<img src="" alt="✉">` translates as "graphic, envelope", but I wonder how well it works across platforms.

Would you advise on using it anyway or against and use plain text?

Because I know emojis are now widely recognized by screen readers, have tested and am wondering if we can let projects get away with that or if we should say no.

@tink @aardrian

Of course I know it depends on contexte, just looking around and trying to establish basic ground rules as permitted vs. no-no.

+ @yatil who may have a say on this too :)

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@accessiblestef @tink @aardrian I would probably not do it, but I think it would conform to WCAG as one could say Emojis are basically text… I don’t have a strong opinion, but I also feel like I’m missing something :-D

@yatil @accessiblestef @tink I think some combos may announce it is as “graphic graphic emoji” or similar. Cannot test right now, sadly. Will check later.

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