I learned about this in school. Guess now it is time to unlearn it.
An incredibly important paper has just been published about the Stanford Prison Experiment, one of the most famous experiments in psychology. Thibault Le Texier, a French sociologist, reveals that it's basically a hoax. A lie.

@yatil an interesting paper and certainly it has long been clear that the data collection and scientific merits of the original 'study' are questionable. But to dismiss it as a hoax or lie I think undermines the truth which ongoing citing of the study seeks to highlight: man's capacity for inhumanity to man.

For even if the original study falls at the first hurdle, history is, I am sad to say, repleat with testimony of the underlying cardinal rule.

@rw hm. From what I remember the conclusion was not “humans treat each other in inhuman ways” (which is pretty obvious every day) but that a power imbalance naturally leads to inhumane treatment. That such a treatment is unavoidable.

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