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From the ARIA specification:

“WAI-ARIA is intended to be used as a supplement for native language semantics, not a replacement.”


Just worth remembering sometimes :)

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If a podcast is only available in one app, it isn’t a podcast. twitter.com/mcbramhill/status/

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Our @yatil attended the first M-Enabling Forum Europe in Dusseldorf, Germany. Here are some of his thoughts on the event.


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Hey @LEGO_Group@twitter.com, nehmt dem Marketing doch bitte mal den Bausatz mit der sexistischen Kackscheiße weg.

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Don’t be data-driven. Be data-informed. Metrics should never be in charge because they have no moral compass.

Smaller CMSs, accessibility is a way to differentiate from Wordpress now. Ask people from the accessibility community to help you. If you got a budget, get someone to review your code or train your programmers, send people to conferences like AccessU to learn about the topic. Make your project inclusive, broaden your Audience massively.

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Hey, there has been interest internally in modernizing the default html5 VIDEO control, but I can't recall of any website that uses the default appearance. I just want to make sure it's not just me, does anyone know of a site using it?


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OH: “Just because there’s no objective truth, it doesn’t mean you just use divs and spans everywhere.”

Automattic is scrapping any a11y audit of Gutenberg because ”the audit will not affect release timing”.

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Welp, I guess that’s how it feels when a service doesn’t want your business anymore.
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@yatil We're no longer offering standalone Portfolio plans. No need to change anything today if you have an active standalone plan. However any @CreativeCloud plan will include all the same service, even single-app plans: adobe.com/creativecloud/plans..

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Huge thanks to @rachelandrew@twitter.com who, for many years, has been pointing out all the things we need to consider around while using CSS Grid. She's the one who's taught the industry. Like in this 2016 article about `display: contents`: rachelandrew.co.uk/archives/20

This graph should include the percentages instead of nothing on the y-axis. 90th percentile .7% raise, 50th percentile 14.2% reduction of wages. (The website includes the percentages.)

Inequality in Silicon Valley is getting worse: Wages are down for everyone but the top 10 percent recode.net/2018/10/13/17953004

Hm. As browsers currently drop elements with display contents from the accessibility tree, rendering your content inaccessible, I’d say: Not at all for now.

(Write to your browser vendor to fix that bug!)

♠ “When to use display:contents to improve semantics in your HTML.” Working with CSS Grid occasionally come at a cost and that is semantic markup.


<div>One short paragraph of text. If only there was an element for that.</div>

Thanks Lyon Airport website for this notification! Very user-friendly wording in here…

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Here we see a react engineer deploying a contact form

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What's new in MDN? The new @MozDevNet@twitter.com Changelog is out:
🤝 MDN Payments launched
♿ Tons of -related updates
♻️ preparation to replace KumaScript macros
…and many more!

I like this solution for just two languages, but we hope to have many, many more, so it needs to be some kind of top down menu, I guess.

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