You can also meet me there. (Unsure if that’s a selling point… ;-) )
Five (5!) tickets left for Berlin‘s 2019 show. Wooohooo! Excitement grows. See you there.

RT Of course, the workshops of Sunday, November 17th, are visible there as well: There are plenty of choices to level up your skills — € 25 for half-day workshop and € 50 for a full day should be affordable for everyone. If not, please get in touch!

This is an incredible talk.
I wrote a new talk this year. I don’t usually put my talks online, but this one felt a bit different, so I thought I’d publish it.

It’s called “The World-Wide Work.” I hope you like it.

Early Christmas present coming Dec 3!
Subgrid is a game-changer for layout on the web - in Firefox on Dec 3! But you don't need to wait: subgrid works great as an enhancement to existing layouts – I'll show you how, with a common card layout.

(In Nightly now, Beta/Dev next week)

Angesichts der blanker Hohn: Erst gestern hat das Bayrische Oberste Landesgericht (was für ein Wort) bestätigt, dass eine Straftat ist. Wir freuen uns auf zukünftige Polizeieinsätze, die so aussehen könnten -

Ich find’s ja an sich ganz schön, dass mit Versandkartons zum Abholen schickt. Es wär noch besser, wenn Fahrer auch fürs Einpacken geschult wären. Mein iPad ist durch das Plastik gerutscht und auf dem Boden aufgekommen. Hoffentlich folgenlos.

Trying to figure out how to replace one SVG element with another in PHP, resorting to regex and failing (for no obvious reason).


RT I hope this will take off:

Automators 34: Getting Cozy with Regular Expressions:

One of the most frustrating things as a speaker is when conferences don’t inform you that your talk was not accepted.

I don’t need a personal email, just a ”Hey other speakers” (hopefully in BCC) “we have made our choices and you have not been selected.”

Google's ReCaptcha:

No, no, no, please also select that image that is not a crosswalk as a crosswalk.

I hope no one has to die because I had to train the AI wrong :-o

CW: Ableist words

Ten alternates to “crazy” or “insane” because crazy is lazy. Usually we mean something more specific.

1️⃣ Obscene
2️⃣ Wild
3️⃣ Ludicrous
4️⃣ Ridiculous
5️⃣ Bananas
6️⃣ Unbelievable
7️⃣ Unreal
8️⃣ Wicked
9️⃣ Enormous
🔟 Outlandish

feeling like a dive into oblivion?

WOW is now charging attendees a mandatory $2 to attend events. If you want it to be free, you have to cover the $2 for every person that comes to your event.

As someone who ran meetups for > 4 years, this sucks.

if you missed it: i did a TED talk. in 2013, during the hardest year of my adult life. you maybe can’t see my nerves, but this talk was the most daunting thing i’d ever performed it my life.

i was terrified on that stage. so, so scared. one shot only.

i’m still so proud of it.

Stephan B. war sechs Monate beim Panzergrenadierbetaillon.

Jetzt könnte man natürlich über die Bundeswehr reden, die mit Gaming-Ästhetik und kriegsverherrlichenden Slogans, gezielt junge Männer anwirbt.

Oder man redet über -*schaut auf Notizen* - Killerspiele.

Latest includes references to WAI-ARIA documentation in auto completion and hover information for ARIA attributes.

Amuse yourself at the gym today by seeing how many times in a row you can run 100 meters in 17 seconds. It's pretty easy to begin with!

If you can do it 422 times in a row—without breaks—then congratulations, you can run a marathon as fast as Eliud Kipchoge did this morning.

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