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“Just wanted to follow up” emails should not be sent before a week has passed. Related, you do not need to “apologize for the delay” when you’ve replied within 48 hours.

Discuss. Am I being unreasonable? Can we really expect that level of immediacy on non-urgent work matters?

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Last night I had some fans chat to me and one said “this is my friend, he’s deaf, he wants to say thank you for putting subtitles on your videos” and it was very lovely.

If you make videos you should do the same. A few extra minutes work to make your terrible content accessible

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Head on over to the playlist on @AppleMusic@twitter.com to hear our new single, ‘Viva La Victoria’! music.apple.com/playlist/break On there with @alterbridge@twitter.com @Slash@twitter.com @thedarkness@twitter.com & a bunch more cool bands! Thanks @suzytothec@twitter.com for the love! 🤘🤘

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Periodic reminder:

If you really want to engage with these trolls, please at least uninclude me, or start your own thread.

Thank you for helping me maintain very necessary boundaries. twitter.com/TatianaTMac/status

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A few weeks ago, Google announced a revolution in web development: serving HTML directly to browsers.

Today’s AMP Innovation is the ability to run custom JavaScript on your AMP pages. That’s right: for the first time, web developers can write JavaScript. twitter.com/AMPhtml/status/116

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This is what @starwars@twitter.com fandom is all about.

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Bahn vs Flug. @DB_Bahn@twitter.com kein einziges Mal bin ich vor und im Flieger sitzen gelassen worden, weil kein Hilfspersonal da war. Aber ihr erlaubt es euch auf einer Verbindung gleich zwei mal zu sagen: Kein Personal, wir leisten keine Hilfe! @SoVD_Bund@twitter.com @SophieLuettich@twitter.com

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Article going out in a couple days to my subscribers about tooltips. If you fancy it you can sign up here:

adamsilver.io/signup twitter.com/adambsilver/status

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Would you be up for a quick vote? My topic on colors, design, apps, and accessibility is on Panel Picker. panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/1004

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With the recent trend/return to static sites, I'm noticing a lot of people are not including RSS feeds. Please, if you post articles regularly or have anything resembling a blog, provide a feed. Yes, RSS is *still* a thing!

Anyone at @github@twitter.com that I know? I’d like to try out GitHub Actions for our @knowbility@twitter.com account… github.com/knowbility I’ve applied for the beta but no luck so far.

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@nataliabielova@twitter.com @Medium@twitter.com Medium's signup process is a . It may seem like the only way to create an account is using Facebook/Google, but you can still use email. 1) Go to the "Sign in" page, 2) Click on "Sign in with email", 3) Enter your email, 4) Medium emails you an account creation link.

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WCAG automated testing tweet of the day #1. How many criteria can be tested automatically? twitter.com/karlgroves/status/

Das Gehsteigparken hat hier in Essen auch extrem zugenommen, abgesenkte Bordsteine werden gerne als Einladung genommen. Sind das jetzt Autofahrer, die sich „gegen das System“ stellen wollen?
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„SUV auf Zebrastreifen vor Schule“, Ffm 2019, Künstler unbekannt. ❤️

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all of this! *thank you* Manuel for sharing your knowledge and humor with the world 💙

p.s. we forgive you for not knowing Pink Floyd 🌈 twitter.com/mmatuzo/status/116

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Wow I am shocked/not shocked at all about how little language is taken into account with regards to accessibility and inclusivity. So little thought is still given to written content, language clarity and layout for people with dyslexia, autism, processing disorders etc.

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Accessible CSS Generated Content, by @yatil@twitter.com yatil.net/blog/accessible-css-

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🚨 CONCATENATE is back!!!

Lagos — 11th and 12th, October.
Nairobi — 15th October.

And here’s a thread…

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If we can all listen to Dwayne Johnson, a stranger, and stop calling him “The Rock”, we definitely can all refer to our loved ones by their names and pronouns. :)

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Tooltips: a study in why something so basic is also somehow so difficult.

(I'm trying out this whole blog thing, I hope it goes well!)


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