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Hello, please consider presenting each comic strip as a disclosure component with a text description inside, so blind/low vis people can enjoy them too. <details><summary><img alt="Pathogen resistance" ...></summary> Description here.</details> Thanks much!

Don’t pay the man. Be the man. Go see in theaters now. Coming to the Apple TV app on March 20.

Just in case you missed it on, here it is in raw, uncut form for easy listening: “Stay the F*ck at Home.” Let’s all do our part to keep everyone safe and healthy! @H

Folks, are you or someone you know working from home full-time for the first time? I wrote a book, which is *free*, about making this move when you’ve had no notice: Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily. Advice collated from dozens of folks.

Also, THAT.
Also, dear browser makers:

Please let users switch dark/light mode on a per-site basis, and remember it like browser zoom levels, so that devs & designers don't have to do all this extra work!!!

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Seriously, developers, get an HTML validation linter in your workflow (or check your static HTML templates) and catch a bunch of this low-hanging fruit.
This is an embarrassment to the entire software development industry and you should feel bad.

Hey Google, your ableism is showing.

You can talk about medical advances — like Dame Macnamara’s research leading to the polio vaccine, celebrated here — without presenting disability as bad and undesirable.

I’m a disabled woman. When I look in the mirror, I’m a disabled woman.

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Giving this a try. :)

Join a 30 minute AMA over Zoom with me, for $5+eventbrite fees.

Ask me about design systems, design tokens, Sass, etc.

9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT on April 7th.

Yes, that is automated testing, so testing for about 40% of potential issues.
@yatil And I’m guessing that’s results from automated testing so it could be even higher?

Turns out the web got even less accessible over the last year. We’re failing the promise of the web. We’re failing users and consumers. Instead of making the web a place of opportunity it has become a place of exclusion. 98.1% of all pages are not accessible. UP 0.3%.
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Results of a significant update to the WebAIM Million analysis of the home pages for the top 1 million sites are available at https://…

Whenever you mention’s bad security and ethical behavior, please also mention most other tools bad accessibility. Being able to ditch Zoom for other tools is extremely privileged.

Not everyone has this privilege.

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April was going to be our membership-drive month, which we're not going to do. We'll still release some stuff for our members, have been declassifying some older membership stuff for everyone to enjoy, and will regroup for a future month down the road.

Just saw yet another tweet mocking CSS centering that went viral. This meme will never die, will it?

It's literally *two* lines in CSS nowadays:

display: grid;
place-items: center;

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It's true, you can now rent or buy movies directly from Amazon on iOS and tvOS! But no changes in the Kindle or Comixology apps yet, so far that I can see.

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Tomorrow! gives his online workshop on accessibility testing: Learn about automated testing, hands-on manual testing, practical takeaways, and more!

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