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Seriously @Twitter@twitter.com do any of your default theme colors meet the color contrast of the light grey background you have? Surely you'd want to encourage people to see the links? - Thanks @lukefretwell@twitter.com for pointing out that we weren't meeting contrast.

One of the most satisfying things in my job is when I go from “I have no idea how this can work in this language” in the morning to a working prototype in the evening. Lots of trial and error but also feeling accomplishment.

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Wow is there anything more cringey and awkward than company websites where the team have been asked to "have fun" for their individual headshots that only get revealed on hover. No. No there isn't.

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There's a special kind of hell for conferences that give away the email address of their speakers to their sponsors

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WARNING: This film contains ADULT THEMES. All the characters are really tired all the time and have too many responsibilities and just want a nap

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@knowbility@twitter.com 19 years ago Sharron Rush invited my web developer class at ACC to participate in AIR-Austin and that launched my career. See YOU at AccessU!

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Web is essential for some, and useful for all in different situations. See: w3.org/WAI/perspectives/ from @w3c_wai@twitter.com

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As the world mourns the loss of Notre-Dame, which has survived 800 years, consider this: every day we destroy ancient forests, vast reefs, great annual migrations, whole species that have lasted through aeons, with no great fuss. ⁦@ExtinctionR@twitter.com⁩ bbc.com/news/world-europe-4794

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Nintendo Switch accessibility upgrade, zoom functionality! Powerful & lockable (i.e. can play while active)

via @BlindWolf8@twitter.com & @GameXplain@twitter.com

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It's become pretty clear that some real dangers we thought we'd pretty much dealt with and eradicated can resurface and spread quickly again, largely due to ignorance and disinformation. Truly nasty things, like measles. Or Nazis.

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Rudy Giuliani says he has prepared a 35 page counter-report to Mueller which will be released on Thursday

How could Giuliani do this if he doesn't already know what's in the report

Seems like he's been briefed while the American people have been kept in the dark

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The world needs ex-beginners. They're the best to write blog posts, to speak at conferences, to write docs (with some assistance by experts, to avoid a few misconceptions). Experts are cursed with too much knowledge that they lose perception and empathy toward beginner problems.

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next phase of ACT Rules work! many thanks to @wilcofiers@twitter.com @1mjmueller@twitter.com @moekraft@twitter.com and all @w3c_wai@twitter.com ACT Task Force and ACT Rules Community Group participants for making this happen! twitter.com/w3c/status/1118158

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My opinion on office and conference dogs has changed dramatically in talking to people who range from mildly to severely allergic to them. I am now firmly against workplace dogs who are not working (ie: guide dogs, true emotional support animals). twitter.com/FiloSottile/status

I wonder how many people outside of accessibility know what a “null ‘alt’ text” is…

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Useful information about accessibility events from @Apple@twitter.com support.apple.com/en-us/HT2096 Points of note: it's experimental; it's enabled by default in the OS, but not the browser; it enables detection of events fired only when an AT is running, but not the type of AT that is enabled.

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.@TwitterSupport@twitter.com I think it'd be good to know why Stefan Molyneux is allowed to use his verified Twitter account to push a conspiracy theory that the Notre Dame fire was arson.

He has almost 400,000 followers.

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European elections: We welcome that fellow citizens in Germany with mental or physical disabilities under full-time care now enjoy the right to vote. A key democratic right in inclusive societies. coe.int/en/web/disability

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I asked a dev I met a few years ago at the airport what advice he had for aspiring programmers.

He said, first stop calling yourself ‘aspiring.’ That implies you aren’t something but hopefully will be someday. It undermines your self-esteem.

If you program, you’re a programmer.

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