It’s the first time I got sketchnoted. I’ll make an accessible version of it (if allows it :-)) so it can be read by everyone. Thanks!!
Eric Eggert talks about 'Hands-on Accessibility Testing' at @EuroTestingConf. So; things to check! of the first part of the workshop @yatil

To a naked eye this looks like I’m not working. But I am. I’m thinking! on solitary activities to recharge

Handy dating tip for this Valentine's Day:


It's unambiguous, it sorts properly, and it's the ISO 8601 standard for a very good reason.

Surprised when folk think only WCAG as resources from w3c-WAI. There is so much more - like this planning and managing guide for institutional implementation of accessibility.

Don't want to commit?
Open a draft PR.
GitHub ❤️'s your WIP

Here are my slides from today’s “Practical Hands-on Accessibility Testing” session.

Sorry that it came out as less hands-on than I hoped it to be. I‘ll adjust for tomorrow.

FYI to every front-end developer:
An aria-label attribute on a button or link effectively replaces the text content of that element with the new label.

Do not use it when you want to include a description or additional information—use `title`, or even better, real visible text!

Funka Accessibility Days 9-10 April The most important conference of the year! We doubled the size of the venue to meet demand. Be sure to register now!

I'm looking for screen reader users to interview about emoji. How's it working on desktop/mobile? How do you want them to read? How about the new cane and guide dog? Compound characters? Opening my DMs.

RT *anything* identified only by color. You will have users miss it and not even know they missed something

New country, new airport! (@ Valencia Airport - in Valencia, València)

I wrote a short piece on "skip links" for -

Makes such a difference for accessibility, yet it's often forgotten!

Bezüglich der Datenselbstauskunft sollte ich vielleicht mal Apple und Xing lobend hervorheben. (Evtl. Noch andere)

Das waren Unternehmen, die Trackingdaten vollständig in einem nutzbaren Format im ersten Anlauf ohne Aufforderung mitgeschickt haben.

RT Video autoplay will become history, browsers are taking care of that. The only exception is muted video autoplay (comparable to animated GIF), which is allowed.

I think it falls under animations, and the user should be able to pause it.

RT - 8. redundant text (ecom sites) links
9. Icons in text (unrecognizable characters)
10. Links are buttons & vise versa
11. Carousels


RT My list is very similar.
1. Shit contrast
2. No alts
3. Keyboard can't reach things
4. Keyboard can but you'd never know
5. Absolute positioning of the Whole Damn Page
7. popup cookie animation auto-play purgatory

Accessibility is an ethical choice.

There’s no justification for not building accessible sites and apps while we have the standards, guides and tools to do so. Some work isn’t easy but there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit that makes a difference.

Test for accessibility.

RT 10. Heading structure a mess (who needs an H1 when you can have 6 H4's)

RT Yep, this is a pretty safe assessment - and we’re compiling data to back it up. As a teaser, #1 (poor contrast) and #2 (missing alt text - not counting incorrect alt text) alone are definitively found on 92% of home pages!

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