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tired: i'm sick of seeing gdpr cookie banners

wired: lets dismantle surveillance capitalism

Learned so much from the conversation between @jeffveen@twitter.com and @denisejacobs@twitter.com on @presentablefm@twitter.com.

I had her book on my todo list for a while but it is now on the top of the queue.



/me updates @getkirby@twitter.com to 3.20, thinking: Updates are great, but what benefits will it bring for me??

30 minutes later:

/me I have to query users in this field, how do I do that?

@getkirby@twitter.com’s excellent documentation:

> Since 3.2.0


/me 😳

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Oh no, the dreaded ‘can you help out at the summer fete?’ email.

No. No I can’t. I’m busy sticking needles in my eyes that day.

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Followers in Germany, can anyone help with this request from a friend?

"Bit random, but do you know anyone who's familiar with German employment law and/or work visas there? Someone I know is being mistreated and needs advice/support."

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I just saw someone press Backspace over & over to try to remove the word "Password" in this form so they could type their actual password.

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The Dutch emergency-number 112 is currently out of order. In case of emergency call: 088-6628240

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So I was talking with @brad_frost@twitter.com over a beer, and we decided needed one of these thingies.

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Just got refused a Canadian visa I needed to present my poster at . I believe that not everybody fully realizes how much visa issues hurt diversity in academia. So here goes my thread on the topic.

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Fazit meiner Tochter (11), nachdem wir bei Karstadt waren: „Das ist wie Amazon in Echt, nur dass man nichts findet und das was ich gesucht habe, nicht da war!“

Und besser kann man das Elend im Einzelhandel nicht zusammenfassen...

Developers like “Don't Repeat Yourself” and “Keep It Simple”, then go to reimplement the <button> element… *sigh* :-)

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Here is how you COULD turn a div into an accessible button, bottom line: it's a lot of work and code involved, we already have <button> element with all the functionalities built it, if you don't have to, don't?


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Casting Call! A role for a young Deaf actress - ideally fluent in BSL - for an exciting new film, @Lunas_Ghosts@twitter.com - pass it on!

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Hey US friends 👋
Quick history lesson from a German: If you don’t speak up & show up at concentration camps many innocent people will die.

Reading up on what’s happening there makes me something beyond angry. We‘re all equal, we all deserve the same respect.

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Hey game developers, this one's for you. I want to reintroduce myself. My name is Brandon Cole. I'm your blind friend. Ask me all the silly questions, even the ones you think might offend me. They won't. I'll answer them, and then we can start making your future games accessible.

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If you want a universal standard for design tools, start with HTML & CSS, some of the most widely adopted standards in the world. They're declarative, static, JSON serializable, and are governed my standards bodies (also CSS Grid Layout is pretty powerful)

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There are 79 known moons of Jupiter. Here is a video showing them all in orbit around the planet ow.ly/8BZe50uKrUW [more: ow.ly/ODA450uKrUX]

Something else with computers.
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Where do you think you'd be if this whole internet thing never existed? I'll start: Mediocre manager of a Blockbuster who sends all his free time at the local comic book shop.

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