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"Redesign of [Tesco] website to improve accessibility cost £35,000, but after the relaunch, the website turnover was up £1.6million."

This and other useful tips on WordPress on 2020media blog blog.2020media.com/2011/10/pub

It’s amazing that writing “2021” still feels like the far future…

Those US health”care” stories are so appalling when read from an European viewpoint.

Adding to the stress and pain of people in grief is just inhumane.
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In 2010, I had good union health insurance. Obamacare was the law of the land. In November that yr my 1yo son was struck by a careless driver in a crosswalk. After two surgeries and a night in intensive care, he died.

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"To have an accessible web, we need accessible content, as well as and tools to view and produce accessible content."

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This poster makes me absolutely furious

I consider myself a teacher, I mostly communicate through writing. While I don’t feel I have any fiction in me, I’m looking forward to listening to @AntonyJohnston@twitter.com’s podcast. I’m sure there are bits and pieces useful for non-fiction and shorter writing, too!
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It’s WRITING AND BREATHING day! My new podcast, where I chat with fellow authors about why, how, and what we write i…

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Das ist alles so etwas von erbärmlich. Der Wähler soll warten, bis die CDU Abgeordneten die Altersvorsorge rund haben. Die gleiche Partei gönnt Bürgern nach 35 Jahren Arbeit den 70 Euro Zuschlag Grundrente nicht! Soviel um die konservativen christlichen Werte, alles Heuchelei. twitter.com/CDeutschlaender/st

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WB and DC please don’t sue me! But this had to be done. I published a single (just for me) coffee table book of something I’ve wanted for years! Growing up I thought these title cards were great pieces of art and am still shocked they aren’t in some kind of book. Am I alone here?

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Polite version because we can't all be unpolite all the time even if we really want to be

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Here we go internet, non polite version way to tell people that this is not your **** job

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On the same token removing user choice is anti accessibility.

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User choice is accessibility.

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I know I say watch this and watch that ALL the time and I mean it then but I REALLY mean it now.

Cancel everything now because it’s about to go down.

SUNDAY. BBC 1/BBC AMERICA twitter.com/doctorwho_bbca/sta

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Yesterday I talked at the Inclusive Design & Accessibility meetup (@idea11y@twitter.com) about authoring tools and accessibility!

🌇Slides/resources: talks.hiddedevries.nl/kjfT9F/a
📜 Full transcript: talks.hiddedevries.nl/kjfT9F/s

My cousin accidentally hit my head (eyebrow) with a golf club… while playing minigolf.

It explains so much, thinking of it.
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How’d you get your childhood scar? I slip on a carpet

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This makes me want to quit YouTube entirely. twitter.com/sarahfrier/status/

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