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A thief stole a package from NASA engineer @MarkRober@twitter.com’s porch so he created a high tech package that would glitter and stink bomb porch package thieves. He filmed their reactions. The montage of thieves opening it at the end is intensely satisfying. youtube.com/watch?v=xoxhDk-hwu

Accessibility won’t go away. Invest in learning. Don’t only invest in audits and band-aid solutions.
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Dec 2018: WCAG 2.0 is 10 years old. If organisations had spent as much on learning about accessibility and incorporating it into workflows as they have on audits over the last 10 years, we’d now be seeing much more widespread and sustainable approaches to accessibility.

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Stell dir vor eine Sportlerin im Rollstuhl ist nominiert zur Wahl....und dann gewinnt sie.

Und natürlich hat der @ZDF nicht daran gedacht, etwas anderes als Stufen zur Bühne zu haben, so dass sie von Umstehenden hoch getragen werden muss.

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"The German Cancer Research Center hid the identities of all authors who applied to speak at its conference, leaving only one basis for judging entries: the merit of the work. The result? A whopping 82% of invited speakers at the gathering were women" bmj.com/content/363/bmj.k5232

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Probably two other Doctor Whos standing by watching, too. Bloody useless. twitter.com/georgiaetennant/st

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The Mueller Probe 💰:

$47.0 million collected
$25.2 million spent
$21.8 million net gain

Mueller is making money for America and taking down the .

This man is a national fucking hero.

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Why do people equate 'I don' t know this' with 'this is shit'? The solution is three lines and supported everywhere. Stick it in a class and it can be reused infinitely. twitter.com/AdamRackis/status/

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I 🧡 this man.

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The fact that so many people in the UK think that "no deal" means that everything will stay like it is is legit terrifying twitter.com/iwbashitshow/statu

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Simple method to integrate hard-of-hearing people in a meeting at @w3c@twitter.com : everything is being scribed on IRC, it's both minutes to rely upon later and real-time alternate content. Right now I'm attending a meeting without suffering from my ears.

I traveled unusually often this year and I’m totally aware of the carbon footprint. I’m offsetting some of it as a vegan (3322kg of 7668kg, so about 43%) and I use green energy which should offset much of the rest. Is this enough? No, I’d like to avoid even more.

“272.865km, 15 countries.” In one year, by one tech speaker out there. Common calculators assume ¼ tonne CO2 equivalent per hour of flying. I’m…

Here, 2016 Theresa May makes the case against her 2018 policy. It is a very convincing argument in four minutes. Certain more coherent than the politics.
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On the day parliament was supposed to vote on her deal to leave the EU, here Theresa May gives her reasons for remaining in the European Union shortly before the 2016 referendum.

THANK YOU. This is perfect.

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Finally, here’s the music video for 'Thirteen'! @bbcdoctorwho  youtu.be/-gNz_6HeaW4

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Absolutely delighted to say that the @bbcdoctorwho@twitter.com series 11 soundtrack is available to pre-order NOW ahead of its release on 11th Jan 2019!

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It's a time for giving, so here you go, a traditional Christmas song about receiving gadgets and gifts that invade our :

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Theresa May gets locked inside her car as she attempts to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Read the latest on Theresa May's tour of European leaders here: po.st/QaYfCx

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